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Fast Shot it's on GitHub and it's free like freedom of speech, you can do anything with it.

Fast Shot Studio: easy to use & fast AJAX administration interface

An IDE based on jQuery Layout.

LightBox Integration

Templates based on this script render list of thumbnails with LightBox support. This template is also used when embedding images inside MyTokens aware modules. See demo.

Galleriffic Integration

Galleriffic provides a rich, post-back free experience optimized to handle high volumes of photos while conserving bandwidth. See demo.

SpaceGallery Integration

SpaceGallery uses zoom effect to cycle between images. Useful for simple presentations or slideshows. See demo.

s3Slider Integration

s3Slider is a slideshow script that also uses images captions and descriptions to build rich presentation. See demo.

Automatically Generate Thumbnails

Fast Shot can generate thumbnails at the size specified in module settings. You still can use your own thumbnails if you need something special.

Drag & Drop Ordering

You can order items in Fast Shot Studio by drag & drop on placeholders that appear on hovering.

Use Portal Images or Import From URLs

FastShot allows either to use portal images (by using provided File Manager) or freely input any URL.

Integrated File Manager

Fast Shot provides a fast File Manager to quickly import portal images or upload new ones.

Recycle Bin

In Fast Shout Studio, images can be dragged into RecycleBin to mark the for deletion. They are not actually deleted until Empty Recycle Bin is clicked.

Thumbnail Caching

Automatically generated thumbnails are cached on disk.

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