Get Action Form 03.08.589

This is a hotfix build. It hasn't gone through full testing, but manual tests have been done on the fixes.

Action Form Hotfix Main Package

Install it using DNN Installer

30 Day Trial

Works full for 30 days in Trial Mode until activated

Minimum Requirements

  DNN 8.0.4+, Evoq 8.5.0+
  SQL Server 2008 (Express) R2+
  ASP.NET 4.5.2+
  IIS 7.0+

Download a trial of Action Form below. If you already have a license, download updates from My Downloads


Before installing a new build, it's a good practice to backup database and website since DNN doesn't provide a built-in mechanism to roll back.

Known Issues

No issues.


Implemented a multi step structure by adding Tabs Pro Integration
Added possibility to append a Font Awesome icon for a button
Added a custom title for Action Form displayed in PopUp
Added an option to ignore the settings of URL Providers into Redirect To Portal Page Action
Fixed the issue when the Update UserProfile Action doesn't work properly
Fixed the issue when the DateSubmitted is lost on import
Fixed the issue when the Tags Input field displays only first 5 results from a query
Fixed the issue when the DateTime Picker Field doesn't automatically close after a selection in IE 11
Fixed the issue when validators fire on losing focus
Fixed the issue when the client side expression doesn't work properly for conditions with fieldIds containing underscore
Fixed the issue when the attach from token option( #Send Email) doesn't attach files when the folder name contains white spaces
Fixed the issue when JS not loading on 404 pages

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