Get InfoBox 01.01.114

This is a hotfix build. It hasn't gone through full testing, but manual tests have been done on the fixes.

InfoBox Hotfix Main Package

Install it using DNN Installer

30 Day Trial

Works full for 30 days in Trial Mode until activated

Minimum Requirements

  DNN 8.0.4+, Evoq 8.5.0+
  SQL Server 2008 (Express) R2+
  ASP.NET 4.5.2+
  IIS 7.0+

Download a trial of InfoBox below. If you already have a license, download updates from My Downloads


Before installing a new build, it's a good practice to backup database and website since DNN doesn't provide a built-in mechanism to roll back.

Known Issues

No issues.


Fixed personaBar for DNN 9.0.*
Added required web.config nodes for asmx request.
Fixed scrolling problems cross browsers
Fixed the issue for /GetGuideMenu Request to send tabId
Fixed updating and deleting guides

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