Our Story

Curious about our successful 10-year story? Well, it all starts with the adventurous spirit of Bogdan Litescu, who was working in different corporations at the time. But something just didn’t feel right for him. His desire to innovate and own something great, something which could help people, drove him to leave his job behind and start building his dream. He wanted to be surrounded by “artist” developers (in his words). Although it didn’t all turn out perfect from the first try, there was the freedom to try out new ideas and respond to the customers’ needs in a new, customized way.

Bogdan’s strongest motivation was his refusal to accept defeat and so he kept trying, despite the uncertainty of every decision. The first product was launched on the 6th of February and the first license was sold within 10 minutes. Quite an encouraging start, right? But it’s not all stars and rainbows. The beginning also implied cut expenses, no vacation. In time, other developers appreciated Bogdan’s work and joined him. 

And so, The DNN Jedis started gathering. Together, they doubled the business every year, so, today, we are number 1 vendor in our market. Wonder how was that possible? Well, we owe every success to team work. While some of us handle the front-end, others are in charge with the back-end, support or QA. Whenever a task comes along, we communicate to find the best solution, then a few people start working on it and in the end all the team gives feedback. 

You think that is amazing? What if I told you that most of our customers are developers who understand and appreciate our work? We don’t just ease their work very much, we are rock stars. Let’s say our motto is “keep experimenting, keep innovating, keep growing together”. One secret ingredient of our recipe is communicating with our customers, in order to make sure we deliver the best services and adapt to the evolution of the market. If you want to go beyond “to be continued…”, follow us on our blog, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. Oh, and one more thing, promise to keep our successful recipe secret?