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Version 1.0.0, Released Oct 19, 2016.

Drastically Improve Your Website's Loading Time with Our CDN Solution

SharpCDN is the first and only module for DNN platform that will drastically increase the website's speed using the power of a worldwide CDN.

SharpCDN is powered by the amazingly fast Amazon CloudFront network services, with datacenters located worldwide.


How it works?

Your website will be cached and sent to over 30 servers worldwide. When a client visits your website, SharpCDN will automatically detect his location and the website will be loaded from the nearest server to ensure the best loading time.

Easy to Setup:
Install. Activate. Start.

SharpCDN solution is very easy to install and setup since it was built to be simple, user-friendly and yet very efficient.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as a criteria for delivering Web content.

Sharp CDN's Performance:
Speeds up your site with up to 60 percent

SharpCDN solution is very easy to install and setup since it was built to be simple, user-friendly and yet very efficient.


Simple Plans & Pricing — Amazing results


  • Free
  • $0/mo

  • Perfect for trying out Sharp CDN or for your personal site or blog.
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  • Pro
  • $9.9/mo

  • This plan is packed with all the necessary features to sustain small businesses, professional websites and portfolios.
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  • Premium
  • $49.9/mo

  • Including all the necessary features for corporate websites with heavy traffic, this plan includes high priority support, worldwide geographic replication, advanced security and many more.
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  • Custom
  • Give us

  • You are now able to create the best plan for your site, choosing from a wide range of features. Contact us for further details and we can work out all the details, according to your site characteristics and your business’s needs. Let the optimization begin!
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If you need some extra Page Views until your billing period resets, you can buy Page View credits from here.

Don't worry, they never expire and will be used after all page views included in your subscription are used.

Sharp CDN Key Features

Powered by Amazon CloudFront

CloudFront is the most powerful and popular CDN for serving static content.

Increased Server Performance

The CDN frees the web server from delivering static files, increasing performance by up to 60%.

Free Tier

Sharp CDN is free for everybody to use for up to 3,000 page views per month.

Realtime CDN Refresh

As soon as your website files change, Sharp CDN knows to propage them instantly across the globe.

Minify CSS and JavaScript files

Sharp CDN can automatically minify CSS and JavaScript files to save bandwidth.

Exclude files from minification

Some JavaScript files do not handle minification well so they should be exclude from minification.

HTTPS Support

We can offer support for SSL certificates.

Compress JPEG images

Sharp CDN can better compress JPEG images to save bandwidth.

Fallback to Local Files

If CDN goes down (which should never happen) or your quota is exceeded, Sharp CDN falls back to serve the files as before from local server.

Plans Free Pro Premium Custom
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DNN Instances

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Technical Support

low priority

standard priority

high priority

high priority

Cache Purge





Geographical Replication





Exclude bots and domains
Image Optimization
Custom Domain Name
Audit Logging
Price $9.9/month $49.9/month
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We support our modules! You can post any question on our forum or post a support ticket and our support staff will be right there to help you!