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Extends Existing Token Replacement

MyTokens inherits all token sources available in DNN (Host, Portal, User, Membership, Profile, Tab, Module, DateTime, Ticks).

New Predefined Token (Core Tokens)

Application, ServerVars, Session, Cookie, Get, Post, Params, UserRoles, URL, NavigateURL, Random

Razor Support (C# and VB.NET)

Starting with version 2.0, My Tokens supports Razor scripts so it's now possible to write complex templates with loops and conditions. All custom tokens are available!

Spark Support

Same as Razor, Spark is an engine capable of building complex templates. The main difference between the two is Spark is more HTML friendly, a lot of it syntax happens inside tags.

Inline Script Support

Normally, Razor and Spark templates are built from My Tokens studio the later used in modules (such as HTML module). But it also support writing the templates directly in the content by enclosing them between <razor>...<razor/> respectively <spark>...</spark> tags.

Tokens that Persist

Special Tokens that get their value from page state and save it in cookies or session so after page state is lost the token maintains its value; the token are GetOrSession, GetOrCookie, GetOrProfile, PostOrSession, PostOrCookie, PostOrProfile.

Gadgets Interface

My Tokens provides XML mechanism to define gadgets, that is tokens that result in embedding some 3rd party controls on the page. My Tokens comes with gadgets for embedding YouTube Videos, Facebook Like button, Disqus, News rotator, Currency Exchange Rates, Tweeet button, Google Maps and much more.

Custom Tokens

Create new tokens as constant strings or built against Database, HTTP Server, FTP Servers or Mail Servers. Further processing of result is possible with use of Parsers.

Database Tokens

Will run a query and fetch the results in tokens that can be used in any MyTokens aware module.

HTTP Tokens

MyTokens will make an HTTP Request and put the response in tokens. Using the parsers, the response can be interpreted as text, json, xml or stripped using a regular expression.

File System Tokens

Tokens are built from a file loaded from disk. Paths can be specified absolute or relative to website root. How tokens are extracted depends on parsers and rules used.

FTP Tokens

This behaves sames as File System Token except the file is grabbed from a FTP Server.

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Need Full Tokens Support?

Well, if you want to extend support to all modules that already support standard token replacement, then you can configure My Tokens to patch the DNN core.

If you don't patch the DNN core, My Tokens will still work with some of the biggest names in the DNN modules scene and with a lot of standard modules.

Standard Modules






User Defined Table

Form and List




Commercial Modules

Action Form


Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's Responsive too!

Search Boost


Search Boost has been often said to be light years ahead of any other search engine.

URL Adapter


URL Adapter is a turn-key ready "out of the box" URL Builder and URL Rewriting Engine
for DNN.

Redirect Toolkit


Redirect Toolkit has got them all: user redirects, roles redirects, mobile redirects and many more.



With NavXp you can build any DNN menu you can think of in minutes!

FAQ Master


FAQ Master it's the easiest and most modern FAQ solution for DNN. It's takes minutes!




H2O is a DNN module that enables you create powerful web solutions without the need of programming skills.




Axon is a very powerful email processing module for DNN with a dynamic content generation.

DNN Forms


DNN Forms

DNN Forms is designed to be extremely easy to use and to quickly create data entry forms with complete visual freedom.

PDF Reports


PDF Reports

PDF Reports is a report writing module for DNN that allows you to view your DNN data in PDF.

OnyakTech Charts


OnyakTech Charts

Instantly chart your data with the OnyakTech Charts module for DNN.

Multi Language Content Editor


Multi Language Content Editor

Multi Language Content Editor allows users to see the content in the language they understand easily.

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