Automatic Creation And Management Of DNN Modules Through Custom Forms

You can finally relax about assigning roles and setting restrictions for adding, loading, updating or deleting DNN modules. With DNN Module Actions Add-on it's all done for you automatically through custom forms.

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Version 1.0.0, Released May 15, 2015.

Quick, Painless Installation

With DNN Module Actions Add-on there is no requirement for setup time. Simply download and install it and you are good to go!

Seamlessly Integrated

DNN Module Actions Add-on is built to work right out of the box and is tightly integrated with Action Form (v. 03.03.02+) so you don't have to worry about conflicts or core upgrades later.

Ridiculously Easy Setup

It really shouldn’t be brain science to automate modules administration in DNN based on roles capabilities… and with DNN Module Actions Add-on it isn’t.

Add-on Requirements

Module Actions requires a minimum of

- Action Form
- DotNetNuke 7.2.1+
- SQL Server 2008+ (including msde and express editions)
- ASP.NET 4.0 +
- IIS 6.0+

Permissions Grid

It's easy to define the permissions that a user (or role) has within the application and to control which users can add, update, load or delete a DNN module.

Complex Workflows

DNN Module Actions can automatically add, update, load or delete a DNN module based on a new registered user in complex workflows.

Non-Admins Permissions

With DNN Module Actions you can assign permissions to non-admin users to add, update, load DNN Modules through custom forms.

Conditional Actions

You can write conditions that will determine at submit time whether the actions related with DNN Module Actions will get executed or not.

Add Module

With this action you can add modules in the right place, with the right title based on user-specific roles through custom forms.

Delete Module

Want to delete a DNN module including from the database through custom forms? With this feature, it's one click away!

Load Module

If there's a need to load a DNN module into an Action Form form by a specific user (or role), that's exactly what this feature does. Great, isn't it?

Update Module

DNN Module Actions gives the flexibility with this action to update a DNN Module through a custom form.

Load HTML Module

This action will load the entire or just a part of content from an HTML module.

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