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Local or Global Evaluation

Rules can be configured to be evaluated only for the page where the Redirect Toolkit module was added or they can be configured to be evaluated for all pages/requests.

Redirects by Referrer

Redirect users based on the website they came from.

Redirects by User

Redirect users by matching criteria in their profile (such as First Name, Email Address or any Profile Property).

Redirects by Role

Redirect user by targeting roles they belong to.

Redirects by IP Geo Location

Redirect Toolkit integrates with maxmind.com (recommended) and geobytes.com to support redirects based on geographical information

Redirects by Parameters

Redirect users based on parameters passed to current request in GET Query String, POST Data or Browser Cookies.

Redirects by Host

Redirects are matches against current URL (either the domain name or full URL)

Redirects by Browser

This type of redirect provides a large number of options to target specific browsers, browser versions, mobile devices, browser capabilities (such as JavaScript support or Cookie support), Operating System and so on.

Redirects by Date and Time

Use date picker control to select date periods when redirect should happen. Or create redirects based on time of day or day of week.

Redirects by View Count

Redirects are matched against the page view count (this is actually maintained by Redirect Toolkit per rule and it represents how many times the rule was evaluated)

Random Redirects

The random is specified as a probability, so for high traffic this allows redirecting a percentage of users.

Temporary & Permanent Redirects

Follow SEO good practices, redirect using Temporary HTTP redirect (302) or Permanent HTTP redirect (301) whenever you're moving pages around.

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  Increase Conversion Rates on a DotNetNuke Portal Using Referrer and Geolocation Segmentation

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We're sure you’ve got questions, so we’ve taken the liberty of addressing a few of them right here:

  1. Is there a trial version available?
    Yes. You can download the Redirect Toolkit 30 day free trial from:
    The trial version is identical to the full version, except for the time limitations.
  2. Does the trial have limited functionalities?
    No, there is no limitations on the Trial version and Redirect Toolkit will work full on localhost.
  3. Can I extend my trial?
    No, but for outstanding situations, please email us at support@dnnsharp.com.
  4. Will I lose the settings I make during the trial when I buy?
    Absolutely not. You just need to use for activation the registration key received via email after the purchase was made.
  5. What does a Redirect Toolkit license get me and how long is it good for?
    Once you buy a Redirect Toolkit license you'll have 3 months of free updates and support and after that you'll receive a 50% discount to keep that same level of service.

    You will not lose your data or any functionality out of the module itself. But you will lose access to downloads, updates, and support. If at any time in the future you want to upgrade to the latest version and get those perks back, you can do it.
  6. I’ve hired a developer to work on my site. Who should buy the license?
    You should. It is always best for you, the site owner, to have access to your account on dnnsharp.com. That’s how you access downloads, license keys, and support.
    You can purchase a Redirect Toolkit license under your own name and then give the developer the license key for the site. That way, you retain control of your own module purchase in the event that you need access or decide to switch developers.
  7. Am I eligible for upgrade?
    You'll be eligible for this upgrade:
    - if you purchase a Redirect Toolkit license in last 3 months or
    - if you have an active subscription
    If you're not in these two cases, then you'll receive a 50% discount for upgrade to the last version. Just email us at support@dnnsharp.com and we'll take care of the rest.
  8. How do I get the updates that I'm eligible for?
    That's easy.You need to go to My Account > My Downloads while logged in on our website: http://www.dnnsharp.com/my-account/my-downloads
  9. Does the module stop working if I choose not to upgrade?
    Redirect Toolkit will continue working even if you won't upgrade. You can buy it once and use it for years until it is so old that it will tell the other DNN modules stories about having to walk uphill both ways back in those good old days. =)
    The license allows you to access to upgrades or support while it is valid.
  10. Can I use Redirect Toolkit to build and distribute applications?
    You can integrate and distribute Redirect Toolkit with your own products, but it should not be main functionality, it shoud be added value, and should not be in competition with our existing product. If we go into competition later, the developer will still be allowed to use the version he owns at that time, and continue to develop it, but will not receive new updates.
  11. Can I have one instance for dev, staging and live?
    Yes, but please contact us at support@dnnsharp.com.
  12. Can the license be transferred?
    Yes, but only if there is a transfer of ownership of the entire product.
  13. Can I upgrade to different license type later?
    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license for just the price difference in qualifying purchases made within the past 3 months. If your purchase was made more than 3 months ago, don’t worry, we still have a special offer for you. Just email us at support@dnnsharp.com.
  14. Can I become a reseller?
    Yes, please contact us at support@dnnsharp.com to discuss commissions.
  15. Where can I get support?
    We have a dedicated support forum for Redirect Toolkit:
    This forum is monitored on week days. That is the best place to pose your questions; not only does our team moderate the forum and provide light module support, but other users are always chiming into the the discussions with their own thoughts — which makes for a solid experience on all fronts, and allows a number of perspectives that wouldn’t be present during an email exchange.
    Our support forums focus on helping people with bugs and other issues, and we can not provide in-depth support on complex customizations of our modules. Most legitimate bugs that are reported will be logged and fixed for the next release; if a workaround can be easily provided, we’ll share one in the interim. When it comes to customization, while we’re happy to help point users in the right direction towards accomplishing a desired customization if we can, we won’t build your site or app for you.

    You can take a look at Redirect Toolkit documentation site and our Youtube channel.

  16. If I upgrade my DNN version, do I need to also upgrade the module?
    Not necessarily, but it's recommended because we test and optimize for new versions. Sometimes, new DNN version also breaks our modules so then you'll be required to upgrade. It's recommended to upgrade all at once to optimize the Q&A costs.
  17. If I purchase one collection (App Sharp or Web Sharp) and I already have Redirect Toolkit, will I receive some discount?
    Yes, you can save 50% from what you've already paid for up to 50% the cost of collection. Just email us at support@dnnsharp.com.
  18. Can I get a discount?
    You're about to enter a long term partnership with us that needs to be beneficial to everybody. Giving discounts will decrease the value that we can deliver to you over time because every discount that we give is a feature less in our products.
    We'd rather give discounts for bundle purchases and to contributors. Find out more on how to become a contributor: http://www.dnnsharp.com/contribute.
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