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About Us DNN Sharp provides lightweight, plug-and-play solutions to the software development table to change the fundamentals of building web applications.

DNN Sharp is one of the fastest growing technology companies in our sector, with presence on 3 continents, having experienced exponential growth year-on-year since inception. We are a globally distributed team of dedicated, creative techno-wizards that love to innovate and create products to help solve problems for our customers.

Our Mission

At DNN Sharp, developing top quality products complemented by fast and reliable customer support is vital to our mission. But the real drivers in our business are our Core Values.

We measure our incremental and ultimate success by the journey toward and application of these values to everything we do. It is our Core Values that really matter. These are things we personally believe. These are values we live our life by, so this is how we conduct business too.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself
- Henry Ford

Our values

Our Customers
From the world’s biggest brands to brands on the rise. You’ll find our products everywhere.

Our History
2015 marks our 10th year in business, yet we feel like we’re just getting started. 10 years and running...


Here's How It All Started

DNN Sharp got its start like a lot of companies - sketching out ideas on a napkin about how we could make a better mouse trap.

June 2005

Setting The Ground

We began laying the groundwork for a company where innovation and creativity could flourish while adhering to proven engineering methods. From inception, we have benefited from strong organic growth and have built a blue-chip client base comprised of some of the world’s largest - and smallest - companies.

February 2006

A Focus on Open Source Development

As open source projects grew, it was clear that DNN and open source software were the going to be the future. We knew this was the direction we wanted to take DNN Sharp.

May 2007

The Paradigm Shift

We decided to have some fun chasing our real dream. We made a strategic shift toward building products, and by the fall it was our core business.

July 2008

The Birth Of Our First Born

One day, while chatting with customers about creating and updating websites and apps on top of DNN, the idea of a simple yet powerful DNN extension was born. We wanted to create a nifty piece of software that would make it easy for people like ourselves to build navigation solutions. NavXp wrote web history with its debut in February of 2009 on what used to be called snowcovered.com. The software was an instant hit! People from all over the world were downloading the extension and sending us their praises.

February 2009

Keep Our Babies Rollin' 

Building web software proved to be so much fun that we couldn’t wait to develop more web products. We began building a search engine, resulting in the birth of one of the most popular products in the ecosystem, Search Boost. In the last 6 years we have created other over 40 products, purchased by awesome people all around the globe. Can you see we love the web?

August 2009...

Everything For Our Customers

We expanded into Iasi, launching our satellite office in order to better serve our global community.

DNN Sharp Iasi team February 2014

Sharing Our Expertise

We spoke at DNN Connect conference in Italy. Our evangelism is another way we give back to the DNN community. Today it’s not uncommon to find our staff speaking across the globe at DNN and technology events.

May 2014

Always At Your Service

DNN Sharp continued to expand its footprint in Romania with a Bucharest office opening.

July 2014

Award Winning Software

Designing and developing ‘web stuff’ is our passion and the rewards have been sweet. Our software and company have won lots of awards including being #1 vendor on dnnsoftware.com.

July 2014

Pioneering Products

Instead of popping open the champagne bottles to welcome the release of Sharp Look, aka The Game Changer at DNN Con conference in Florida, US we're moving full speed ahead into the next projects. Developing solutions that solve web apps building challenges is a serious and time consuming job. Luckily our technology platform serves as a solid basis for a gazillion more cool tools...

November 2014

Into The Future We Go

DNN Sharp realizes its 5th consecutive year of 100% growth. We set up an US presence. The support, compliments and encouragements we get from our loyal fan base is simply the greatest reward we can imagine. We do still remember the good old days... We have kept the same level of personal service, delivering tech support with a smile with the most complimented support team on the web.

January 2015

And The Journey Continues (Making History)



Wanna Make History And Leave Your Mark On The Web?

With amazing products, great customers, a fun team and offices around the globe, we might just offer what you’ve been looking for.

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