Implemented an integration with the Client Resource Management API
Added the Progress Bar Field
Added the Date and Time field
Added a Slider Field
Added the Dropdown with Autocomplete Field
Added the Item Picker (Tree View) field
Added the Sortable List Field
Added Star Rating Field
Added actions to call Action Form, to initialize and Open it in PopUp
Added the Action Grid actions to filter a grid, to open a grid in popup and pull data into fields
Added Tabs Pro actions to change tab, open and close Tab PopUp
Added the "Execute Action on Entity List" existent in AG, SS, API
Added the Load entities from JSON action
Added Execute Javascript Code action
Added TabsPro Integration by adding OnTabEnter and OnTabLeave sections in Form Events
Added custom popup title
Added font awesome for buttons
Added Radio Buttons for Multiple Choice with Radio boxes field
Added the display count option for the Dropdown with Checkboxes
Enhanced the Display Mode in PopUp option
Increased the minimum requirements to DNN 7.3.4 for security reasons
Added Show loading animation option in General Settings
Added a new custom Validator, named: Strictly Positive Floating Point Number which doesn't accept 0
Added the file pattern option to Files fields
Added the ability to have tokens for both the input field and the labels
Added the open AF popup action to call ActionForm in modal
Adeed the Open in Popup option in "Redirect to Url" action
Added the add Data Source with SQL Query on Tags Input field
Added the possibility to link to Multiple Choices fields with Dropdown with Checkboxes
Added the possibility to link Multiple Choices which has multi selection using Sql as datasource
Adeed the possibility to have an option for enable/disable AngularJS
Added validation for the ID field
Upgraded angular JS to 1.5
Optimize the loading of the jquery.upload js files
Added the current culture to recaptcha API
Optimized loading time for linked dropdowns with many items
Added an option to show actual error for Login and Register actions
Removed DnnSf namespace from Action Form
Added the possibility to translate the "Select all" and "Clear All" text labels by adding them in the module resource resx files
Added the possibility to change the Warning Message shown for Group Validation by adding it into .resx file
Removed the "material-dnnsharp" .css and .less files
Optimized the page speed by removing the version number in the URI
Added the possibility to allow sending emails when only CC/BCC fields are populated and To is not
Added the SSL option for the Server Request action
Turned off default bootstrap to work only for js
Automatically delete the Defaults.xml file on upgrade
Possibility to display default and AF pop-ups centered
Fixed the issue when the java code from bind expression on click change does not work for buttons enclosed in a display message action
Fixed the issue when masking lost is lost when Search Boost module is on the page
Fixed the issue when missing display warning message if a csv file is uploaded
Fixed the issue when double click is needed to select box in multiple choice field with checkboxes
Fixed the issue when a form field token is not recognized if it has one letter
Fixed the issue when a empty drop down is displayed if data source is set to Regions
Fixed the issue when the append all fields button doesn't work
Fixed the issue when there is a wrong redirect in child portal resulting in Not Found error
Fixed the issue when the display form in popup doesn't show the title
Fixed the issue when the display message box is truncated and overlaps other text
Fixed the issue when the color picker field shows up as text box
Fixed the issue when the buttons stop working if form contains color picker field
Fixed the issue when the pop up does not close if I click on external area of the page
Fixed the issue when encrypting with RSA doesn't work
Fixed the issue when "paste" doesn't work in edit mode for the DNN Editor
Fixed the issue when the group validation doesn't work for true/false checkboxes
Fixed the issue when the upload file field doesn't save on Attach field in send email action
Fixed the issue when the Glyphicon is missing from the UI
Fixed the issue when condition -1 == -1 fails
Fixed the issue when tokens with _ character don't work
Fixed the issue when the redirect to URL action does not close if I redirect on the same page with the button
Fixed the issue when Generate to PDF action doesn't update the relative path which stores the document
Fixed the issue when the [Module:ModuleID] token returns -1 value when used on AF
Fixed the issue when pressing Enter in Tags Input field redirects to home page instead of populating the field with the desired tag
Fixed the issue when validation fails if you paste a text from a .doc file into a large text field which has a max length validator
Fixed the issue when an error is thrown if a single file is uploaded and multi file is left empty
Fixed the issue when the right margin of simple rich text field gets out of the tab container
Fixed the issue when the group validation not working for true/false checkboxes
Fixed the issue when the add files button is locked if AF contains an unchecked Include jQuery and jQueryUI option
Fixed the issue when the Google charts don't work
Fixed the issue to display initial value in dropdown with checkboxes dynamically
Fixed the issue when the linked dropdowns with the same value on the second level aren't correctly populated if the item is > 1
Fixed the issue when manage form could not be accessed in https because mixed mode errors (http vs. https) were thrown
Fixed the issue when the second linked Dropdown isn't populated if Autosave/Save State Actions is used
Fixed the issue when the Server Request Action will POST only the first line from a Large Text
Fixed the issue when the custom error message doesn't work
Fixed the issue when error is thrown if form is submitted with hidden Multi-File Upload field
Fixed the issue when the alert message set as Initialization Script is triggered on Submit
Fixed the issue when the page crashes if it has a Dropdown with many items in it
Fixed the issue when the "At least one item needs to be selected" error message is displayed badly
Fixed the issue when the records are submitted in Reports even if a "Missing required field Message." warning is thrown
Fixed the issue when the popup form width doesn't go above 600px
Fixed the issue when an error message is thrown if you try to Update the Country and Region in User Profile
Fixed the XSS warning
Fixed the issue when the file upload button is not visible on pages with SL
Fixed the issue when the [_IsEdit] token doesn't work on a Button's Show Conditionally option
Fixed the issue when "Uncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined" error if you try to activate module
Fixed the issue when the add fields and add action options contain un-ordered lists
Fixed the issue when the HTML text area from form fields and actions doesn't work properly
Fixed the issue when a JavaScript Error is thrown if trying to save a Form which contains a Display Message Action
Fixed the issue when the Enable Conditionally Option doesn't work properly for some Form Fields
Fixed the issue when the Mask option doesn't work properly on Mobile Devices
Fixed the issue when special characters are not properly encoded in Emails with Text Format
Fixed the issue when multiple issues occur on Linked Dropdwns after Upgrade
Fixed the issue when the agree to Terms PopUp field is aligned incorrectly
Fixed the issue when the Other Option Field inherits the value set as Initially Selected for a Dropdown Field
Fixed the issue when the DnnSharp.Common.InitCommonDlls is duplicated in web.config
Fixed the issue when the warning "Missing required field" isn't correctly displayed if AF contains a TextBox and other fields
Fixed the issue when the PDF files need to be selected twice in IE 11
Fixed the issue when the Upload field doesn't work in pop-up
Fixed the issue when the DNN Text Editor and Simple Rich Text loses the appended HTML Content
Fixed the issue when a downloaded Report from Form .CSV file can't be uploaded to another website
Fixed the issue when the appended HTML Content into a Dnn Text Edit loses some styles when is sent to email
Fixed the issue when the Country value isn't kept after save
Fixed the issue when the signature Field becomes inactive if using a manual layout in AF
Fixed the issue when the file attached using "Single File Upload" does not show up in IE and Edge
Fixed the issue when the time zone field isn't updating via Update User Profile action
Fixed the issue when the default items for Multiple Choice Fields no longer work
Fixed the issue when the set items into a RadioBoxes Field aren't displayed
Fixed the issue when the older Dnn Sharp.Common.dll isn't replaced by the one in the .zip
Fixed the issue when extra brackets are added into a JSON API sent via a Static Text
Fixed the issue when the option set on AttachFiedl#(SendEmail Action) isn't kept after Save
Fixed the issue when the link to functionality doesn't properly works for Dropdown with CheckBoxes and Checkboxes Fields
Fixed the issue when scrolling by navigation keys stops at last visible item in dropdown list
Fixed the issue when the tags Input field token doesn't display values
Fixed the issue when clicking "Back" in Manage Form (full screen) changes site locale to en-us
Fixed the issue when the label align to inside option isn't applied for Dropdown with checkboxes field
Fixed the issue when the browse data from Action Grid action does not open the Modal template with the grid
Fixed the issue when the token [_ReportKey] is not being replaced with the ID for redirect to URL action
Fixed the issue when the files attached to email with Attach field are not attached
Fixed the issue when the reCAPTCHA field causes validation even if "Causes Validation" is unchecked on the button
Fixed the issue when adding any template (including blank) in a new form throws an error
Fixed the issue when the Autocomplete Functionality doesn't replace {query} in the request URL
Fixed the issue when the username contains a number in front of its name if the Register Form contains a State Field
Fixed the issue when data is submitted in avtActionForm_Reports even if user registration failed
Fixed the issue when button remains inactive after error message
Fixed the issue when the Username is Available validator no longer works
Fixed the issue when the Server Request Action fails with "Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long."
Fixed the issue when the Update Form Data (AJAX) Action isn't executed properly for Dropdown with Checkboxes/ Checkboxes Fields
Fixed the issue when form freezes on submit when a dropdown w/ checkboxes contains over 300 entries
Fixed the issue when the dnnsfInitFrame is missing from the Form's settings
Fixed the issue when radio boxes disappear if title field begins with a number
Fixed the issue when the import no longer works for actions that have an Action List as a parameter
Fixed the issue when on Click Handler actions are lost after import
Fixed the issue when an error is thrown if using Group Validation
Fixed the issue when "Multi File Upload" field is not underlined as required if form is submitted without completing it
Fixed the issue when the Save Button from the Form Events section doesn't work
Fixed the issue when 'ReportEntryField list is null!' error is thrown if uploading an updated CSV Report
Fixed the issue when the Single File Upload Field doesn't display the thumbnail of the filled image using On Init
Fixed the issue when debug mode is visible to all users
Fixed the issue when an empty row is displayed in Country dropdown field
Fixed the issue when the Form containing Validation Conditions + Required won't submit other values
Fixed the issue when required field validation doesn't work for DNN Text Editor
Fixed the issue when a field can be made hidden from "Layout Mode" and displayed outlined on front
Fixed the issue when an error is thrown if exporting an Initially Checked Option from a Dropdown with Checkboxes Field
Fixed the issue when the Update user Profile action doesn't update User Profile's properties
Fixed the issue when the downloaded CSV Report is empty because the Start Date and the End Date are the same day
Fixed the issue when blank filename when using Field Title for Filename Pattern, on Upload FIelds
Fixed the issue when the Autocomplete Functionality from a TextBox Field doesn't make any request
Fixed the issue when files added with drag-and-drop in an upload field can't be removed
Fixed the issue when the "Initialize.aspx" is not loaded through https protocol and the admin panel is not loaded
Fixed the issue when manage form cannot be accessed by admin users on child portal
Fixed the incompatibilities with EVOQ
Fixed the issue when the Delete File Action doesn't delete multiple files separated by commas
Fixed the issue when blank selectMonth and select Year for Date (with Month/Year Picker)
Fixed the issue when changing Date format does not work for Date and Time
Fixed the issue when the DateTime Picker Field doesn't automatically close after a selection in IE 11
Fixed the issue when the Tags Input field displays only the first 5 results from a query
Fixed the issue when DateSubmitted is lost on import
Fixed the issue when "Date And Time" field returns multiple JS errors - RangeError: Invalid time value
Fixed the issue when validators don't work when submit btn has returned false
Fixed the issue when Multi/Single File Upload tokens no longer working outside the field
Fixed the issue when the module import/export menus are missing



Moved the project from DesktopModules/AvatarSoft/ActionForm to DesktopModules/DnnSharp/ActionForm
Refactored the report table; the avtActionForm_Reports.FormData column has been replaced with the avtActionForm_ReportFields table
Increased minimum requirements to .NET 4.0+ (some add-ons might have to be updated as well)
Increased minimum requirements to DNN 6+
Implemented CKEditor support
Extended the Link to functionality of multiple choice fields to work with SQL
Extended the Link to functionality of multiple choice fields to work with multiple fields
Implemented the ability to upload multiple files at once
Implemented Google reCaptcha support
Added actions to load an entry by ID or by User ID
Added actions to Authorize/unauthorize user
Implemented the ability to limit characters in text box
Implemented the ability to get tab refreshed when redirected to it
Implemented the ability to save data from a multi step form into a single report
Implemented the ability to support a Portal Id parameter for Load User and Update User
Implemented the ability to attach document to email without saving the document
Implemented the ability to attach more files to an email via token
Implemented the ability to preview uploaded file on Single File Upload and display progress bar
Implemented the ability to remove the uploaded file on Single File Upload
Exposed FileId, FolderId, FolderPath tokens for Single File Upload and Multi File Upload
Implemented the ability for large forms in popup to scroll
Implemented the ability in redirect to URL, to use correct token context when tokenizing URL or query string
Implemented the ability to expose boolean tokens for each option in the multiple choice with checkboxes
Implemented the ability to send emails based on DNN templates
Implemented the ability to open in a new window when redirect to URL
Implemented the ability to keep the Line Breaks inserted in a Large Text Field when it is used as form token
Implemented the ability to load on page uploaded images/files by query string
Implemented the ability to allow HTML in Show Tooltips Pop-up displayed when hover over Field's Title
Implemented the ability to allow validation of long-form domain names in email field
Implemented the ability to allow field title to accept HTML input
Added an option to display the return of Multiple Choices with Checkboxes as a list, not like a Json Object
Changed the validation message when user logs in with incorrect credentials
Reverted back to not acccepting non-numeric characters in number field
Fixed cloning buttons with actions that lose the actions of the original buttons
Fixed the bug with ampersands that were to correctly displayed in help texts
Fixed the bug when loading data between pages does not work when upgrading
Fixed the bug with pop up background color ignored if 2 form modules are on same page
Fixed the bug when redirect action failing when attempting a single file upload
Fixed the bug when image was not updated in user's profile on registration template
Fixed the bug with the save and back options that were improperly displayed on small iframe
Fixed the bug when Region and Country were not properly updating into User Profile
Fixed the bug when "Other" option in drop down did not display the value and did not insert it in the database
Fixed the bug when redirect to portal page did not allow saving the changed option
Fixed the bug with numerical values displayed instead of country code on US State
Fixed the bug when user password did not update with Update User Profile action
Fixed the errors in SQL action that were displayed for non admins
Fixed the error thrown on page when setting condition on Show/Enable conditionally field
Fixed the bug when open in new window not working when redirecting to URL/portal page
Fixed the bug with Country and Region fields not updating
Fixed the bug when Show and Enable Conditionally fields not working
Fixed the bug with submit without validation button stuck on Please Wait
Fixed the bug when DNN Text Editor did not populate values from database via query string when page was in View mode
Fixed the bug when redirect not working properly when currency ≠ US Dollar
Fixed the bug with action that was executed even if condition for SQL query output empty was not met
Fixed the bug when Multi File Upload cannot be attached to Send Email action
Fixed the bug when boolean condition with parenthesis did not work when there's a comma in one of the field values
Fixed the bug when cloning buttons with actions loses the actions of the original buttons when click on the button
Fixed the bug when the DNN Text Editor did not send the correct information when the Text was formatted using a Pop Up Manager
Fixed the bug with condition ![field] set on Show Bind Expressions did not work
Fixed the bug when the value of the [QueryString:Name] tokens wasn't recognized in a Send Email and Display Message Actions
Fixed the error thrown on page when changing the type of the field to multiple choice
Fixed the bug when uploaded images not displayed when size of the field is 9/12 and smaller
Fixed the bug when "Select all" & "Clear all" not working in dropdown w/ checkboxes
Fixed the bug when group validation not working for true/false checkboxes
Fixed the bug when bind expression condition not working correctly with true/false checkbox
Fixed the bug when the align settings for a Static Text Field, set in Layout Mode Menu, wasn't applied
Fixed the bug when the specific Single/Multi File Upload tokens did not send data
Fixed the bug when custom validator Letters Only not working
Fixed the bug when the size settings for a Checkboxes Field, set in Layout Mode Menu, was minimized with 3/12
Fixed the bug when filename pattern not displaying field token value
Fixed the bug when the Agree to Terms Popup field not open the Terms and Conditions PopUp
Fixed the bug when Manual Layout not reading correctly the custom tokens
Fixed the bug when modal didn't scroll when the content's height was bigger than the screen's height


Redesigned UI and templates in accordance with the Google’s new Material Design visual principles
Extended the items data source to also accept parameters that are defined in config files
Implemented a SQL item data source that has 2 parameters: connection string and SQL query
Replaced first option in the drop down with something to read like 'List of items specified below'
Implemented the ability to clone fields and actions
Implemented file size and file extension tokens: [Upload:FileExtension], [Upload:FileSize], [Upload:FileSizeB]B, [Upload:FileSizeKB] KB, [Upload:FileSizeMB] MB, [Upload:FileSizeGB]
Added Display horizontally option on Yes/No radio boxes
Provided a fallback login form when trial expires/invalid activation for a login form
Implemented the ability to hook up a few drop downs to some data tables that are outside of the DNN database
Added option to allow tokens in input fields
Implemented the ability to access the text as well as the values submitted in a tag control
Added limit number of tags allow by the input control
Fixed the issue when update User Profile Action does not work when username has only numeric characters
Fixed [TitleId] does not display its value for Title field
Fixed items of second drop down that are not correctly displayed when a link is set on the first drop down
Fixed "Positive Integer Number" validator changes to "Integer Number" on Save for a Number field
Fixed customisation of token using {0} that didn’t work in all cases
Fixed auto Id got unchecked on save
Fixed button with [HasRole:Administrators|true]=="true" condition not displayed for Admin user
Fixed drop down menu value not saved in Reports
Fixed button width = auto instead of 100%
Fixed BCC address displayed in CC
Fixed the case - failed to initialize form when adding a drop down with -- in data source
Fixed the case - failed to initialize form when Currency is set as data source
Fixed the case of no value populated in second drop down when data source is sql query
Fixed the case when button size, type, align settings are lost on save
Fixed User tokens that didn’t work in SQL statements on multiple choice fields
Fixed the case when data source resets to default option when importing a form with a drop down with an SQL query as source
Fixed the issue when uploading file to root portal home
Fixed the case when data source SQL query settings were lost on save
Fixed the issue when page not refreshed on submit when form was on a page with url fragment
Fixed the issue when grant user role action didn’t work
Fixed the case when link to drop down was empty - unable to link multiple choice options between them
Fixed the issue when result token not working in SQL insert statement


Evoq 8 compatibility
Implemented dropdown with checkboxes control
Implemented Google Chart control
Added action to export reports in different formats (XML, XLS, CSV)
Added option to enable fields based on condition (similar to the show condition)
Added action to Execute Token
Added query string token
Optimized performance
Added server IP info under license section
Added ability to load custom control templates dynamically into the main template
Added check/uncheck all for dropdown-checkboxes
Added limit file extensions allowed for Single File Upload
Added OnChange for checkbox list
Added more number validators for positive numbers
Replaced the Ajax initialization code with loading the model right on the page
Upgraded AngularJS
Fixed submitting a form after button onclick returns false the first time
Fixed region field to load value
Fixed tab index for My Tokens link under enable condition
Fixed required validation for country, region, US state and dropdown
Fixed load state and clear state actions to accept a location parameter
Fixed binding values of country and region fields
Fixed upload file information no longer returned
Fixed customisation of token using {0} not working in all cases
Fixed Single File Upload Progress Bars that does not show when the page is resized to mobile size
Fixed spacing for static controls
Fixed alignment for static controls
Fixed issues with Encrypt/Decrypt actions
Fixed issue with tokenize Title fields
Fixed Custom Validator value on save issue
Fixed btn-default class issue
Fixed serializing include Bootstrap and include jQuery settings
Fixed disabling checkbox list controls
Fixed tokens not being replaced in Post Data
Fixed auto save state not working on static and title
Fixed static box content not being sent on submit
Fixed linked dropdowns issue
Fixed PayPal not processing correctly on return to website
Fixed issue with the required validation that does not trigger on empty title
Fixed showFormPopup to work when called from JS
Fixed issue when form submits even though Required Validation is not met
Fixed issue with File Upload for virtual directory
Fixed issue with driving Javascript from a Multiple Choice (With Check boxes)
Fixed sending emails with files referenced by their relative path using tokens
Fixed building AngularJS expressions from tokens: in boolean expressions they also get parsed as numbers
Fixed issue when Date Picker does not work as expected with language setting nl-NL
Fixed error with showing buttons in message actions
Fixed replacing My Tokens inside SQL queries
Fixed replacing tokens: text constructs in SQL queries
Fixed importing background, padding and text color
Fixed loading default value for dropdowns
Fixed loading entry form query string still being able to get overwritten from Init event


Implemented form background, text color, and padding
Added autocomplete option for the dropdowns
Added ability to link dropdowns on any number of levels
Integration with Action Grid through the af-returnurl parameter
Added form field ’’Agree to terms’’ with links, ’’Agree to terms’’ with popup
Added ability to open terms in new window
Added options to place HTML in left and right sidebars
Added option to preserve layout
Replaced rich text editor from admin with angularText
Added option to define which fields are saved in Reports table
Extended Reports screen to choose header column between name and id
Added tooltips for labels
Added ability to specify HTML email format
Added common data sources for dropdowns
Implemented required validation for checkbox list
Added ability to always show form regardless of Show Condition in Edit Mode for portal admins
Added validation for letters only
Added option to save datetimes to Report
Added PreInit event
Added option to pass any parameters in the jQuery date picker
Added option to include jQuery or not
Added ability to select * in a checkbox list
Added read only parameter to text box
Added ability to show warning when 2 fields have the same ID
Implemented new ActionList field to collect a list of actions for general purpose
Added ability to save fields from other forms (loaded in Load Sate) to reports
Added timezonelist datasource and datasource for frontend
Added [_EditUrl], [_IsNew] and [_IsEdit] tokens
Refactored Country and Region fields to use AngularJS code instead of spaghetti code jquery
Implemented extension to post to DNN journal
Added localization for "please wait" and security code
Added condition for showing the entire form
Added logging for PayPal to see the raw communication (including the IPN requests)
Added onchange binding for image buttons as well
Added separate token field
Added localization for required field message for server side validation
Unified create entity with 2 tokens, id and url.
Execute SQL action now accepts the name of a connection string from web.config
Update user profile now can update email as well
Added Preserve Layout checkbox to Bind Expressions in Form Fields
Removed submitting static fields
Added option to authorize, not authorize or inherit from dnn settings on user registration
Added authorize checkbox in UserRegistration
Removed static from submitting with the form
Modified contact, registration and login templates
Disabled mask on Android
Removed extra space when fields are not visible
Moved Regions to the ItemDataSources/DnnList interface
Fixed missing localization messages for captcha, password match and required
Fixed label positioning
Fixed including image buttons in button groups
Fixed show binding for image buttons
Fixed button alignment with button groups going outside of the container
Fixed paypal trying to validate data, even if data was not Saved in Report
Fixed replacing expanded tokens in PayPal action
Fixed validation for checkbox lists
Fixed URL validation to allow https and ftp
Fixed grantroles to also take into account list of Ids (which are generated by permissions grids)
Fixed Error when uploading back the report, after making a small modification
Fixed the CSV report with multi-line submits do not display good in some situations when opened in Excel
Fixed required field mixing when multiple controls where placed on same line
Fixed action list overriding saving logic of the parent action list
Fixed [Dropdown:Text] tokens when the dropdown doesn't have any selection
Fixed getting localization from per portal files
Fixed enclosing quotes in condition tokens
Fixed accessing arrays with [] operator in js (they were misinterpreted as tokens)
Added split by "\r\n", "\n", ";", ","
Fixed displaying html content from bindings in static control
Fixed uploading files for child portals
Fixed image selection for progress loader on child portals
Fixed redirect to page portal on child portals always populating the page list with pages from root portal
Fixed refreshing form controls when type changes
Fixed error with EditUrl being relative
Fixed button restoring to default state while Reposting Data
Fixed registration on DNN 7.3
Fixed loading regions
Fixed infinite loop in tokenize function when { } is used as token delimitation
Fixed slowness caused by a bug in the caching logic


Implemented Progress Bar control and removed the hardcoded loading animation
Implemented a smooth file picker in Send Email action and other places to avoid the problem with loading too many files in a dropdown and also to provide the ability to select any number of files
Implemented new DataSources architecture to hook items for dropdowns and such (in the admin part)
New Message > Update Form Data action to return data to the browser and update form fields
New action to clear server cache by key
Added respond.js to fix layout on IE7&8
Ability to specify query string for Redirect to Portal Page
Refactored the static text control to separate labels from content - in Bootstrap 3 they are sized in the same way
Implemented mechanism to turn a dropdown into a textbox to be able to provide a token expression for some settings
Support special role All users and Unauthorized users in permission grid
Tokenziation for CSS Styles and CSS Classes
Validation Expression now also works on client side
Added options to Ignore Tokens for textarea and rich text
Excluded current user from the Username is available check
Added required validation for files
Specify operator for generating report csv files
Fixed uploading user profile images through the Update Profile action
Ability to load data back into form based on submission key (allows smooth integration with Action Grid module)
Fixed money format in PayPal action because of different culture - now it uses culture invariant
Fixed alignment issues for radio buttons when label is top
Fixed region control connection to the country control
Patched jquery validation to work on div elements, not only forms, to avoid conflicts with other modules using same js validation library


Breaking Change: Mailchimp was removed, to be further enhanced and released as an Add-on, free for existing clients. Contact us.
Replaced jQuery dialog on Bootstrap modal
Implemented tags control
Implemented permissions grid control
Execute SQL now can load multiple columns at once
Implemented ability to auto save forms in cookies
Added Title field
Increased minimum requirement to DNN 5.5
Added server side condition to programatically determine if validation for a field will execute
Added new Button Group control to help with grouping and aligning buttons
Updated password update feature to work with new MembershipProviderConfig.PasswordResetEnabled mechanism
Added data binding for the static field
Implemented ability to upload files in the database through [FieldId:Stream] token
Added ability to upload profile picture
Some optimizations to layout mode
Ignore brackets for fields that specify the token name where to store a value
Set current tab for web services, so Tab tokens work
Ability to load multiple form states
OnChange/Click js handler for buttons will prevent submit if it returns false or if there are no actions defined for the button
Added ability to attach files from the form to emails
Added "this" in the context of On Click/Change binding to be the jQuery object around the field that raised the event
Added ability to use tokens in binding expressions
UpdateUserProfile now can overwrite images - basically delete the previous image
Removed ShowIn and LabelOffset settings of buttons - they are not positioned as any other control
Have UserLogin also look into context for username and password
Ability for init actions to return a response
Implemented CC and token-based attachment for Email action
Added option to control either Bootstrap gets included
Separated fields from buttons to make them easier to manage in admin screen
Fixed the autocomplete option
Fixed checkbox offset setting
Fixed progressbar for file upload
Fixed the loading image being visible initially (most likely because some preloaders mess with it)
Fixes to allow Bootstrap 3 to work side by side with Bootstrap 2 (used by some skins for example)
Integrated html5shiv and respond.js for IE7 and IE8 compatibility
Fixed required validation for dropdowns
Fixed a "required" text coming from _default.css for check boxes and radio boxes


New data binding layer to dynamically control fields
Bind values, visibility and on change handler to fields
New expressions engine allows more complex, C# style, syntax in the Condition field for fields and actions
Option to link 2 dropdowns (actually any 2 multiple choice controls) together, so when one changes the options in the other change
Replaced the POST Data with new Server Request action that supports multiple HTTP methods and HTTP headers
Implemented Regex Parsing action - very useful for extracting data from a Server Request
Implemented actions to revoke roles
Implemented AES and RSA encrypt and decrypt actions. Key generators included for convenience
Added action to load a user into context
Added action to inject data into context
For inline form buttons, ability to align buttons (block, left, right, center) and apply an offset equal to label width
Run in medium trust
Show warning if admin tries to leave the setting screen without saving first
Optimized the admin for large forms
Add option to specify an Other option for dropdowns, which will show a textbox
Added option to define an empty text for dropdowns
Full localization support for the front end forms
For multiple choice fields (including country and region), added tokens to get both text and value ([FieldId:Text] and [FieldId:Value])
Duplicate controls have been merged, and the differences have been transformed into options or field tokens
Added option to have the captcha control display both image and input box on one line
Update user profile now knows to update display name
Added [ValidationErrors] token in display message of a validation event
Ability to open settings in new window
Added required validation for dropdown and radio groups
Added page to redirect to if PayPal payment is not completed yet at the time user returns from PayPal
French localization
Apply a mapping in web.config for .wott files
Upgraded backened and front end template to Bootstrap 3
Labels Width has switched from being pixel based to being column based (more reponsive and compatible with Bootstrap 3)
Fxed form state actions to also use the user id in the session key name to handle when someone logout and logins as a different user
Fixed having multiple instances of upload and rich edit
Fixed password confirmation
Fixed Update Profile action to handle country and region fields differently - DNN operates with country name and state name and not with their codes
Fixed PayPal IPN
Fixed css classes and styles for image field


Added form templates - when creating a new form, start with from a predefined form, like registration or contact form
Configurable buttons - now they are just as any other field, except they have a list of actions to execute on click.
Buttons can be placed in buttons pane (at the bottom), in the form (using the layout tool) or in Display Message actions
Implemented localization for the front-end
Implemented image control
Added option to specify button size and button style for buttons
User registration action now returns the error messages from DNN
Extended user registration action to take into account Verified User Registration setting from Site Settings
Added condition token to determine which fields are visible on the form at run time
Added option to provide a input mask for the text field
Added option to specify date format for datetime field
Added option to specify year range for date picker
Extended ajax uploader so it receives all form data - so it can use it for tokenization
Added option to control spacing between form fields (Loose, Normal, Compact)
Added option to configure PayPal either to generate order ID
Grouped actions so they take less space and are easier to find
Fixed import/export content
Fixed update profile action to first match a field by its Name, and if it can't find one, then try it by Title
Fixed rich edit missing its calls because of bad spacing in XSL
Fixed back link issue when the same module was added to multiple pages


Redesigned whole admin UI
Implemented drag & drop layout view to create multi column custom layouts
Abiltity to create manual layouts through HTML templates
Action to subscribe to Mailchimp
Added upload file control
Refactored actions so they can be defined as a list of actions executed in a particular order
Added Init, Submit, Cancel and Validation Failed events that each can execute a list of actions
Added ability to specify actions when a particular server validator fails
Added option to disable client side validation
Added condition (based on tokens) for actions, so they're only executed if the token returns true
Added actions to load/save/clear form state from session - useful to build multi-step forms using a few Action Form modules
Added ability to ignore validation error and submit anyway
Added option to disable client side validation
Support multi step submissions
Added US state field
Added US date format validator
Ability to use an SQL query to populate multiple choice fields
Added ability to override connection string for SQL actions
Option to have labels above fields
Options to have labels inside fields (placeholder)
Added SQL validator that checks if a user exist by email address
Removed old ascx template
Integrated tiny mce rich text editor
Added separate templates for the submit and cancel buttons
Added option to configure the button text for ShowMessage action
Added control styles attribute to the CAPTCHA control
Added control-group-yourlabelclass name to all controls
Better KeepOnPage that maintains all query string parameters and url bookmarks
Store post to URL in token [PostResponse]
Bypass loading jQuery and jQuery UI on DNN 7
Ability to return error message from SQL with RAISEERROR
Date pickers now converts dates to database friendly format before Executing SQL actions
Fixed required checkboxes
Fixed paypal IPN (save data into reports and reuse it from there; more code to avoid double execution of the form on return from paypal)
Fixed alignment for forms with inside (placeholder) labels
Fixed alignment for static field, so it aligns with the rest of the controls


Responsive layout for bootstrap template
Added date picker with month and year selector
Added new form field, Item with Quantity
Ability to upload CSV report back into the database
Implemented group validation (at least one field in the group is required)
Implemented sql based validation
Implemented web service group validation
Fixed escaping tokens for SQL
Fixed tokens in confirmation messages
Fixed manually specifying field names
Implemented sql based validation


Implemented new XSL-based template system
Implemented bootstrap template using the styles of the popular Twitter library
Implemented action to have the browser repost the data to a 3rd party URL
Added captcha control that replaces old captch checkbox
Country and Region dropdown are now linked for any country (via web service)
Added portal dropdown controls
Implemented no whitespace validator
Added Horizontal Radio Boxes control
Option to disable autocomplete in browsers
Added debug option that shows the XML used to render the XSL template
Added new alignment options for labels (center and template default)
Ability to update password as well using the Update User Profile feature
Option to specify expiration date for granting roles
Option to specify roles for grant and revoke options in text format as well (it is now possible to use tokens)
Upgraded to latest jQuery and jQuery UI
Fixed DNN7 minor compatibility issues
Fixed submit buttons for dialog forms
Fixed validation on enter key
Fixed validation when ther are 2 action forms on the same page
Fixed setting the token RegRandomPass when the random pass feature is used
Fixed logging in user when the random pass feature is used


Added option to update user profile from fields matching by title or by field name
Added option to specify form align (left, center, right)
Added option to specify label width and text alignment (left or right) inside this width
Ability to override names of the fields which determines how they are referenced after the form is submitted
Added options to specify custom FROM or REPLY TO addresses when configuring the email notifications
Added short description field, which appears under controls
Added ability to download secured files (trough force download feature)
Ability to also specify values for list items by separating with | (pipe)
Created separate settings table to overcome issues with length of fields in ModuleSettings table
Added markup for required fields
Fixed date fields and report date picker for multi language support
Added tokenization for paypal fields
Added ability to tokenize field labels and names
Increased minimum requirements to NET35 and DNN 5.2.0
For single checkbox fields, label is now inverted with the checkbox


Added opton to execute up to 4 SQL Queries
Added option to save output from SQL Queries and reuse it in other actions
Added option to specify up to 5 email attachements to send to the user on successful submit
Added possibility to specify and expiration interval for roles granted after a successful submission
Implemented IPortable to easily import/export content and duplicate form modules
Added option to specify different email for the FROM field when sending emails to the user (if left empty the portal admin email is used)
Added option to ignore errors if user already exists on registration, and try to log in that user to perform the rest of the actions
Modified to always save persistent cookie for login
Other minor fixes and adjustments


Added support for Rich Text Editor fields
Added ability to specify images for Submit and Cancel buttons
Value fields in form editor now expand on focus so it's easier to type long text
Added Country and Region controls types
Refactored so target is no longer required
Added option to specify confirmation text to display after the form has been successfully submitted.
DotNetNuke 6.0 compatibility
Moved text editors from admin to popup windows, so the form editor loads much faster


Added support for custom field validations
Added predefined validations for email, website, integer or floating point numbers and HTML stripping
Ability to specify css styles and classes for field labels
Added default value for form fields
Added new static fields (text/html, image, or no input at all - only the label)
Added ability to specify file to email as attachement to the user
Added hidden fields with My Tokens support
Added ability to disable fields
Added ability to customize text on submit and cancel buttons
Added test function for Post to URL


Added ability to register new users
Added ability to log users in
Added new field types (password with verification and username)
Added date control with jQuery UI Date Picker
Added option to keep on current page after submit
Added new field to allow custom javascript to be loaded on the page
Post to URL now also passes current domain as referrer and replaces [Cookie:CookieName] tokens even without My Tokens
Refactored actions so now it's possible to both email and redirect to resource
All exceptions are now displayed friendly using the current jQuery UI theme and the full error is logged under Admin>Event Viewer


PayPal Integration (so when form is submitted it redirects to PayPal to complete purchase)
Paypal support for one time payments and recurring payments
Support for paypal sandbox so everything can be tested before going live
Option to have the form always visible
Added protocol dropdown for the redirect to URL option
Added label fields for textboxes and dropdowns
Capture enter key and submit form


Added ability to add new fields
Added text field types (small text, large text, password, email, number)
Added multiple choice types (based on radio box list, checkbox list and dropdowns)
Added predefined multiple choice types (True/False, Yes/No, Yes/No/Maybe, Likert Scales)
Added ability to select jQuery theme
Refactored predefine fields so they load from xml files (it's also possible to add your own predefined fields)
Added validation group for each Action Form (so they can be submitted without interfering one with another or with other components on the page)
Upgraded to latest jQuery and jQuery UI
Added checkboxes next to each field with the ability to delete selected fields
Added dialog to select from predefined fields (also works the other way, to unselect a predefined field which is equivalent to deleting it)
Decoupled all input types so they're configurable from XML files (this means you can add your own input types with a line of configuration)


First Release

If you're an existing Action Form user, you need to go to My Account > My Downloads to get the latest build!