Added rich text editor for slide texts; switch between the rich editor and the raw html
Ability to add multiple texts to a slide
Implemented file upload directly from the rotator admin
Implemented ISearchable so now slides can be searched by title or content
Dropped obsolete flash renderer
Added option to randomly order slides
Added linear gradients capabilities for the jQuery renderer
Ability to specify the transition effect between slides (none or fade)
Updated My Tokens integration
Fixed open in new window for jQuery rendered
Upgraded jQuery components to fix IE compatibility issues
Fixed the file browser showing files only from the default portal
Fixed image URLs on IIS virtual directories
Fixed jQuery rendered delays were not converted from seconds to miliseconds
Fixed jQuery rendered clicking slide links did not reset the show/hide timers


Added jQuery rendering engine (note that not all options are supported)
Added fallback image when flash is not available
Added option to specify foreground and background color for slide link button
Fixed slide title from displaying undefined when hovering slide buttons
Fixed invalid URLs for child portals URLs


Implemented IPortable, so slides can now be exported/imported
Add Browse Server function to be able to select from available images in the portal home folder
Implemented Text Width that will determine where the text wraps (by default, it takes all available space)
Add Order Customization tab with 6 options
Switched Manage Screen to fixed width
Auto fill protocol dropdown for URL fields on copy/paste and when typing


Initial Version

If you're an existing Dynamic Rotator .NET user, you need to go to My Account > My Downloads to get the latest build!