Added ability to specify server side condition to control module visibility
Added responsive capabilities to control visibility, layout and appearance of modules across devices
Added support for media queries; rewritten settings with AngularJS
Fixed issue with duplicate container error when creating new container
Fixed getting list of folders and files on child portals
Implemented file browser


Added option to configure z-index
Option to specify border radius (cross browser)
Ability to make absolute containers draggable
Added new predefined container GreenTitle
Added option to Redeploy Predefined containers from the Easy Container module
Copy container files as part of the install process
New mechanism to clone containers from the New Container screen - compatible with old (clone) hack
Refactored border styles so they take less space
Fixed running in IIS virtual folder
Implemented better clearing of cache when the conatainer css files are updated (by incrementing DNN Client Dependency Version)
DNN 7 compatibility changes
Upgraded to latest jquery and jQueryUI
Increased minimum dependency to DNN 5.2.0


First public release