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Highly Customizable DNN Menus

NavXp gives you full control over layout, hierarchy and appearance. Build any DNN menu you can think of in minutes!

This module is no longer offered as a standalone product. It can only be purchased as part of our collections.

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Ensure Great User Experience

Light, fast and with different theme options, NavXp takes navigation experience to the next level.

Flexible and Easy-to-Use

NavXp comes with dozens of templates and allows you to easily create new themes with our jQuery based Theme Editor.

Fully Controllable in Backend

The two layers, logic and rendering, put you in control by allowing for deep customization without any hiccup.

Arbitrary Items

NavXp allows defining custom items. This items can be used as containers (to group other items) or external links (optionally, a target window can be specified).

Language Localization

With NavXp localization of menus is made easy. All you need to do is create a profile and specify translations for each item.

Integration with DNN Tab Localization

Starting with 1.8.2 NavXp integrates with DNN 5.5+ tab localization. NavXp localization is still available, useful for localizing Arbitrary Items or customize tab titles.

Drag & Drop Navigation Definition

Except security, each profile allows definition of a subset of pages to show in the order you prefer. Building your custom menu is as easy as dragging items from Portal Tabs tree into Profile Items tree.


All skins in NavXp follow strict SEO rules. All items are served through standard links and there is no AJAX happening on the menus, making it fully indexable by search engines.

Fully Skinnable

Skins in NavXp are designed in XSL. Rendering is made with an XSL transformation on the server. This exposes full control to customize not only the appearance, but the layout as well.

Advanced Caching

NavXp implements custom caching mechanism that greatly improves performance. Cache time is set per profile.

Synchronize with DNN

NavXp offers several options to synchronize profile items with the DNN tabs they have been created from. Option to sync an item title, a entire item hierarchy or the entire DNN tab hierarchy.

Theme Editor

Each skin in NavXp supports theming. A rich theme editor allows creating new variations of existing skins by modifying fonts, borders, colors, images, etc.

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Yes. You can download the NavXp 30 day free trial from: http://www.dnnsharp.com/dnn/modules/navxp-menus/download

The trial version is identical to the full version, except for the time limitations.

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With tons of customization features and intuitive usability, NavXp not only serve as a powerful DNN Menu module but also to support your site’s appearance and performance.

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