Increased minimum requirements to DNN 7.2.1+
Increased minimum requirements to .NET 4.0+
Create different menus for different roles.
Menu is rendered using RazorEngine
Responsive menus
Implemented DnnApi and .ashx files are no longer used.
Module completely rewritten - new design
New templates
User-Friendly Admin Panel
User-Friendly Admin Panel
Possibility to add tokens directly on tab name
Possibility to ignore default DNN security
Implemented icons in menu


DNN 6 compatibility fixes
Integrated DNN tab localization (requires at least DNN 5.5 - but there's also a compatibility build availble that runs on 4.6.2+)
Ability to synchronize child items of a profile item with DNN but still be able to customize child pages that exist at that time.
Added default sync per profile - so new profile items initially use this value.
Added option to select background color for preview area (which is also saved in cookies for future access).
Always install under admin with nice action (removed the Install under Admin button on the toolbar).
Cufon integration (prototype) to support custom font replacement
Fixed draging profie items to recycle bin


Added new skin HorizontalBars/MotionOnFocus that displays smooth background box that moves around to highlight the item currently hovered
Added ability to specify default item visibility per profile (now all items have the visibility set to Inherit Profile by default instead of Inherit DNN) - this gives much more control over which items are visible in menus and which are only used for outlining the current parent item.
Fixed having html tags in menu item titles
Ability to transport features (boolean flags) from theme editor to the xsl template
Added ability for Outlook skin to only allow one branch to be open at a time (set from the Theme Editor)
Fixed undefined errors for size fields (font size, padding, margin) in theme editor
Fixed building profiles for child portals
Fixed Sync with DNN checkbox from Profile Editor not being automatically checked when the profile editor loaded


upgraded jQuery, jQuery UI, jsTree and other components to latest version and fixed IE9 compatibilities
added new skin Box Fly which is now the default
added special CSS classes for all items in the menu such as nxp-first, nxp-child and so on (these help fine tune the menus)
added option to generate unique CSS class pe menu item (this makes it possible to customize specific items individually); by default this option is off
load font families from config file
ability to specify a folder for a skin to load images from (previously each file needed to be added to skin.xml, now simple copy to resource folder is enough)
refactored localization so there's a default (fallback) entry which NavXp revert to any time it can't find localization for current item
ability to insert arbitrary item at current location in the tree
eliminated right and bottom panes from SB studio and simplified layout
integrated hoverIntent so transitions are smoother (for now only used by Box Fly skin)


Added Plugins Interface for module integration (module controllers should implement special methods NavXp_ActiveDataSources and NavXp_ActiveDataSourceItems)
Added Plugins Interface for SQL Integration (place your XML files containing the SQL on disk under folder Plugins)
Added Plugins Interface for Code Integration (implement interface IPlugin for NavXp.Core assembly and configure it in NavXp/Plugins/.ExternalPlugins)
Added option to use tab name, tab title or input own caption for Profile Items that are portal tabs
Added option to set Profile Item visibility to: visible, hidden, inherit from DNN tab or use token integration with My Tokens
Added SQL integrations with Links and Documents DotNetNuke standard modules
Added SQL integration to display latest 10 users
Added permissions for non admins (regular users with admin rights for NavXp module) to access NavXp studio with readonly access to profiles
Added dropdown skin (implements HTML dropdown that on change it redirects to new page)


Added Clone Profile Function (Open Profile, then Edit as New)
Splitted profile management in Simple Mode (1 profile per instance) and Adv. Security Mode (stack n profiles per instance)
Added Active Tab dropdown to control preview (so the preview is same as if it was on that page) - especially usefull for profiles that don't start rendering at root level
View Profile XML function shows the XML NavXP generates when doing the XSL Transformation
Fixed Import/Export functions (both for the module and from inside NavXp Studio)
Profile Item Visible flag now has 3 states: Visible (item is visually included in menu), Hidden (item is not visually included in menu, but it' used when determining active pages) and Inherit (uses DNN's inlcude in menu flag)
Added possibility to transport custom data for Profile Items to the xsl skin (these are specified in Profile Item Properties)
Refactored Profile Items Properties Dialog so now it displays on 3 tabs: General, Icon and Data
Added Drag&Drop Support for Adv. Security Mode when defining profile precedence
Refactored Add/Edit Profile Screen so it's much smoother
Moved Skin/Theme controls from preview screen to left Appearance tab
Profile Permissions are hidden when in simple mode
... and lots of minor enhancements


Added function to delete instance from the Switch Instance screen (useful to remove instances that are no longer used or the reset all data related to an instance)
added AJAX implementation for when refreshing icons from the Icon Picker dialog
added possibility to activate manually (sometimes automatic activation is blocked by firewalls or other configuration related problems)
change installation folder from avt.NavXp to NavXp (the dot in the folder name was causing issues with some firewall devices)
optimizations: refactored caching model and added filter to invoke MyTokens only if the item contains characters that would indicate the presence of a token
Added two more ways to delete profile items: from the properties dialog and by drag&drop to the recycle bin


Refactored profile items properties so items are now edited from a popup dialog
Removed invalid alt attribute from links
Fixed margin for selected child items in 3D, 3DBigVerticalDropDown and 3DColumnsDropDown
Extended activation process with fields to manually input domain/ip to activate (useful to bypass DNS issues or activate future domains)


Ability to customize appearance per Item
Compatibilty fixes for DNN 5.4.x
refactored dropdown with skins to preview to be clearer
refactored profile saving mechanism so items are added/updated/removed differentially (previously entire hierarchy was dropped and reacreated)
added new Vertical Flyouts skin based on Outlook skin


Added option to include NavXp Studio link under Admin Menu
Added option to hide manage link from the menu (use NavXp Studio link to access the instance once the Manage button is gone)
Fixed issues with some localization strings being lost
Added Switch Instance button on the toolbar (Instances Tab has been replaced)
Other stabilization fixes


Integration with MyTokens, specified per profile.Tokens are replaced inside captions, alts and urls.
Filled missing information into Profile Summary screen (Start Rendering Leve, Max Level to Render, Cache Time, Use MyTokens)
Fixed issues with not being able to update some settings on portals with different id than 0.


Fixed isssues with defining profile precedence for an instance
Fixed javascripts errors when trying to edit fonts of some themes
Applied further optimizations for loading profiles from db


New IDE like management UI based on jQuery Layout plugin
Added Export/Backup and Import/Restore tools - they allow selecting subsets of profiles, instances and skins to operate with.
Removed dependency with UpdatePanel controls
Optimized front-end performances - a script now serves all javascripts in one file, usually cached by the browser.
Control either NavXp should include own jQuery and jQueryUI or use version that is already on page
Clear Cache tool - it will clear all profiles and instances cached by NavXp to save roundtrips to database.
Stabilization on IE8


Advanced caching techniques that greatly improve performance. Cache Time is specified per profile, set to 0 to disable.
Upgraded Registration Engine to RegCore4 (Portal License is no longer supported)
Option (per profile item) to inherit title from DNN tabs
Added link to copy all DNN tabs to Profile Items tree
Option (per profile item) to keep an item in sync with DNN (adding/removing/updating child tabs from DNN will reflect in the profile)
Option to keep all profile items in sync with DNN - and only use Rendering Options on General Tab
Link to quckly clear all profile items in tree
Fixed some characters in profile item titles causing javascript errors or json parsing errors
Fixed change profile item icons on IE
Added Outlook Hover skin - same as Outlook except items expand on hover


added new rendering options for profiles(Root of Active Branch, Level 1/2/3 of Active Branch, Level 1/2/3 of Active Branch + parent)
added visible field for profile items; invisible items are not rendered inside the menu, but they are used to enforce hierarchy (such as displaying the parent item as selected)
reviewed icons logic (see documentation)
upgraded js framework and fixed issue with manage window being too small on IE
Profile Items in Add/Edit Profile form are now loaded from db instead the cached json string (this makes it possible to do automated scripts directly against the profile database tables)


Settings can now be opened in separate page (to increase compatibility when javascript errors on the page prevent settings window from opening or displaying properly)
Fixed JSON serialization error on IE8 (IE8 comes with built-in json serializer that is faulty)
Text notifications in settings window have been replaced with jGrowl alerts
Added Developer License Option


added Arbitrary Items support (it's now possible to create custom items that appear in the menu; these items can also be links to external resources; optionally you can specify a target - _self, _blank, etc - for the link to open into)
added target support for all pre-built skins
item caption Html support (item captions now allow html input - tags, special entities)
updated javascript jquery-ui component


added Language Localization support


fixed IE problem with rendering options not being saved on Add/Edit Profile > General Tab; The radio boxes have been replaced with a dropdown.
fixed help button not working on IE6
added Language Localization support
fixed entries in the error log related to NavXpGetStyle.aspx not being found


Added more licensing options (Domain License, Full Domain License, Portal License and Server License)
added features to start rendering menus from child level


added Host Tabs to the list of portal tabs in Add/Edit Profile > Items; it is now possible to add Host Tabs to the profile custom hierarchy.
added features to limit the depth of menu; the option is located on Add/Edit Profile > General tab; default value is 0, which means NavXp will render the entiry hierarchy;
added features to start rendering menus from current level (the level the activa tab is on); the option is located on Add/Edit Profile > General tab
fixed issue with having multiple navxp instances as skin objects with the same id poiting to the same record in database; issue has been fixed by prepending PortalID to the ControlId. When updating to 1.1.9, NavXp will contcatenate the old instance identifiers with the portal id the request is made for.
fixed DNN 5 issue with displaying labels in Add/Edit Profile form
fixed Host Menu not being expandable in some Vertical Panel skins


fixed possible "Access Denied" error when previewing themes in Instance Profiles screen
Caching for styles. Themes css styles are now cached on disk. NavXp detects when a source file has changed and updated the cached files.
Removed NavXpGetStyle handler (since styles are now cached)


fixed running NavXp when the application was not in the root of the domain (it now works on www.mydomain.com/rootToMySite/)
upgraded transformation engine from XslTransform to XslCompiledTransformation; this should increase performances for second page access singificantly.
* added new attrbutes for each item in the XML used in XSL transformation (dnn_isRoot - tells that the item is a root item in DNN tab hierarchy, dnn_isSiblingOfSelected - tells that the item is a sibling of the item that is currently selected, dnn_level - specifies the depth of the item in the DNN tab hierarchy)


fixed skin javascript initialization not being called on postback
fixed possible error message related to foreign key violation when deleting profiles
prevented creating themes named "default" (which is reserver name for the default theme)
updated javascript framework for greater compatibilites (all dependencies, including jQuery, are now encapsulated inside NavXp so they don't conflict with other components on the page; management controls are now inside an iFrame, which also solves many compatibility issues)
updated javascripts components: jQUery 1.3.2, jQuery UI 1.6, jsTree 0.9.6


implemented Box World skin with 9 pre-built themes ( see samples )
fixed call to TabController.GetTabsByParentId sometimes going into infinite loop (circularity issue)
changed activation so now the same license validates for both www.domain.com and domain.com
fixed object qualifiers not handled properly by install scripts
added new skin called Standard Flyouts; it is based on Windows Standard skin except root items are displayed vertically.
fixed crashes when a skin that is in use is deleted (system will revert to default theme, Windows Standard/default)


fixed using NavXp as a skin object on DNN versions lower than 4.9
split themes in two files; one that has pre-built themes, and the other with user themes (so when updating product user themes don't get overwritten)
cleanup and compressed javascript code so the loading time for first time visitors is decreased about 30%


implemented SQL Server 2000 Compatibility


replaced dynamic css in skin preview with iframe element to solve crashes on IE
optimized skin tree in Instance Appearance
implemented alts and icons support for all built-in skins


initial version

If you're an existing NavXp user, you need to go to My Account > My Downloads to get the latest build!