Changed the template for Search Input Box and Search Results to use Razor instead of XML (reverting back to the old XSL template can be done manually from UI settings)
Renamed assembly to DnnSharp.SearchBoost - for custom integrations, update asssembly and namespace references
Renamed DB table prefix from avt_ to DnnSharp_. For custom queries, update table references
SearchFilters from XML config files are replaced by built-in Filters in SB admin UI
EmptyString has been removed, the text now comes from localization
Import/Export does not work from previous versions to 4.0. Consider upgrading Search Boost before using the import/export function
Redesigned the Search Boost Studio
Added the Search Behavior concept which replaces the Instance Index
Added settings per Behavior which can be associated to multiple instances - in other words, multiple search modules and skin objects can share same settings
Live Search option to update results when searching on the results page
Import/Export can now be done from Search Boost admin screen (also for Skin Objects)
Added better Webfarm support
Implemented own indexing threads instead of using DNN Scheduled jobs for smart balancing of server resources
Implement retry job mechanism for queued jobs, in case something went wrong and the job is not consumed
Optimized the URL indexer to use the indexing queue to better leverage server resources
Optimized the relevance
Refactored the DnnFiles indexer
Refactored logging to user log4net
Refactored the API for database rules
Refactored the exception logic
Amended the DMX, PDF Box, Live Tabs, Advanced Search Add Ons to be compatible with the latest SearchBoost changes
Implemented web service security
Implemented the possibility to ignore dnn security
Implemented resx localization for Razor templates
Optimized the indexer for custom rules to reduce memory usage
Improved the "Word Splitting Characters" option to accept "&" and " ' "
Integrated with Tabs Pro to link search results to specific tabs
Integrated with Sharp Scheduler by adding an action to reindex instance
Upgraded Angular to version 1.5
Prevent SQL injection for PopularSearches methods
Redesigned popular searches/latest searches
Listen to space and enter keys to submit modals
Added the possibility to obtain searcher when index is locked by different process (to handle web farms better)
Prevent SQL injection for Popular Searches methods
Changed the inclusion of the CSS files to use DnnSharp.Common (this will save bandwidth and improve page speed as common files are only loaded once by all our products)
Changed the IFilter plugin with https://github.com/Sicos1977/IFilterTextReader
Optimized the query that checks if metadata files changed
Converted the ntext SQL fields to nvarchar(max) in stored procedures
Migrated the Activate.aspx to common
Fixed the issue when the index is corrupted if downloaded using the SB Studio button
Fixed the issue when the checkboxes lose values in admin UI
Fixed the issue when module indexer doesn't continue if a module throws errors while queried for search items
Fixed the issue when results did not display correctly
Fixed the user sort dropdown
Fixed the issue when the custom data doesn't work from metadata
Fixed the issue when the facets search doesn't show subfolders
Fixed the issue for patch and unpatch problems in DNN 8 with Xcillion skin
Fixed the issue for database rule to clear items
Increased minimum requirements to DNN 7.3.4


Output (results) template breaking change: if you've created your own template and enabled Allow User Sort please update to make sorting work
Updated Search Filters function to work with SearchBoost
Add no-follow to links in search results so that web crawlers wouldn't stress site
Updated DMX add-on to work with SearchBoost
Improved custom database rules (tokenization, encoding, user feedback)
More robust Lucene index updating
Added facets (category search) for file folders
Added portal filters (filter searches to individual portals)
Added Unpatch Skins action button (also improved response messages for all action buttons)
Better logging
Better debugging info
Improved performance
Show count of files in folder and count of modules in tabs
More robust LiveTabs integration
Disable Evoq default search on install
Updated licensing code
Improved Admin panel UI to be more user friendly (device + desktop)
Fix document metadata IgnoreSecurity setting
Fix document metadata: incremental indexing not working for changed metadata
Fix document metadata: metadata not loaded when Folder Provider is not on local file system
Autocomplete not working for unicode characters
Download partial debug info if not possible all
Fix problem with updating Lucene reference on install
Fix problem with selected folder on saving settings
All subfolders indexed when root folder partially selected
Fix folders real-time indexing for DNN < 7.1
Fix lost setting of PortalFilter on save
Deleted SearchBoost instances are show in SwitchInstance window
fixing search result url when having localized pages
Fix memory leak when xml serializing
Fixed display of author and published date in results
Fixed extension types issue
Upgraded bootstrap to solve modal & dropdown conflicts
Accept urf-8 characters in url in IE
Fixed UI sorting for results
Fixed default & expandable input templates
Fixed responsive problems for results module
Fixed Admin panel status problems & display dates in better format
Added default values for Custom Rules dropdowns


DMX and Live Tabs integrations
Implemented the ability to specify security for Custom Rules
Implemented the ability to index per instance
Created a dashboard with Indexing Statistics, Switch Instance, Popular Searches, Latest Searches
Added Bootstrap date pickers to start and end date for reports
Added a SAVE button on the top menu horizontal bar
Added a button to reindex content on the save success message
Rewritten Custom Rules wizard with AngularJS
Implemented stats for urls and on Abort stop url indexing
Implemented the ability to display number of items in queue in Dashboard and set Status to Indexing when > 0
Implemented the ability to show the absolute index inside queue of the first job that belongs to current instance
Refactored the search results URL system
Reintroduced the import/export functionality
Removed search input templates from version 2.9
Remove sbdownloaddoc
Dropped query builder functionality from Custom Rule
Fixed back to portal opens the homepage when the user opens the settings page in small iframe
Fixed results are not displayed on parent portal when index is made on both parent and child portals
Fixed social sharing options get unchecked on refresh
Fixed custom rules are not indexed
Fixed site maps are not indexed
Fixed external URLs are not indexed
Fixed modules set in exceptions are indexed
Fixed search is not made in folders with different type than the standard DNN types
Fixed disable PDF Files option when IFilter or PdfBox are not installed
Fixed error thrown when adding SearchBoost Input module on a page
Fixed User sort by PubDateStr Ascending/Descending option does not work
Fixed menu layer remains displayed while navigating through options and overlaps the General and Document Search options
Fixed search settings opened in small iframe is not responsive
Fixed Contact us from File Types should open in different tab
Fixed search keywords not highlighted in results
Fixed critical error after setting a Template for Search Input Box which does not exist on the new build
Fixed the report gets filled in with empty searches
Fixed redirect is made to page not found when you click on the result files
Fixed only one box displayed for Add URLs
Fixed Permissions do not refresh for files
Fixed Template folder structure messed up after upgrade from 2 to 3
Fixed improper redirect from Admin > Search Boost when two Search.Boost.Input modules are added on the site
Fixed Cannot create custom rules
Fixed redirect is always made to the last tab from results page
Fixed incorrect query string displayed on search results page
Fixed Failed to index modules from tab 549 error
Fixed error thrown when adding Search Boost input module on the page
Fixed Index button not displayed
Fixed error thrown when adding Search Boost input module on a parent portal page after creating a child portal
Fixed general exception with Search Boost is not activated should not be displayed in Event Viewer
Fixed clicking on Add URLs option does not open the pop up
Fixed Critical error on activation - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Fixed piece of js in Simple-button skin in main.xsl file breaks multiple choice controls in AF
Fixed "I'll specify a module" option resets back to the default option after save
Fixed back option does not work on rule with manual sql
Fixed error thrown when I click on Edit rule created on tables
Fixed Reload Columns button throws error when Input Query is empty
Fixed Specify List of Roles check box throws error
Fixed unable to create a custom rule
Fixed rule not deleted until I refresh the page
Fixed new created custom rules are not indexed
Fixed settings on Select Id Column and Select Title Column are not saved
Fixed options on specify list of roles are not saved
Fixed results not returned for other roles than admin and host when Inherit is set on Role Permission
Fixed Input Query box empty on upgrade on a rule where I've selected the table
Fixed custom data filter in custom rule does not work
Fixed no results on custom rule returned for users with newly create roles
Fixed Use Template option is missing from Select Description Column
Fixed rules newly created reset to empty on save
Fixed index is not made in DMX sub-folders
Fixed Search will return a "HTTP Error 400. The request URL is invalid."
Fixed Problem with Database Indexing rule
Fixed If highlighting is enabled then title is chopped
Fixed Multiple scheduler items cause problems on client machine
Fixed Added download debug info functionality
Fixed Error in Javascript because of Portals->Pages bug
Fixed For module in multiple pages there are problems selecting and saving
Fixed Error on settings page loading
Fixed "Switch instance" option doesn't appear when accessing from Admin -> Search Boost
Fixed Make URL indexing work without http added to address and ignore empty urls (with spaces)
Fixed Downloading reports csv file
Fixed search input overlay the close icon small screens (col-xs)
Fixed On new install there is a javascript error and user can not access DNN menu
Fixed Reimplement empty text-box message using modern css
Fixed Fixes for Live Tabs
Fixed Fix error in the log
Fixed Error on installing module for older DNN versions (at least 6.2.6 maybe newer)
Fixed Checking/unchecking file types to index has no effect
Fixed Files in selected portals are not indexed, instead it looks at portals/_default
Fixed If a indexable file is deleted from disk then exception is thrown (and logged)
Fixed When creating a child portal an sql error message is returned
Fixed page keeps on loading and generates errors after saving a page category
Fixed searched results are not displayed on front page
Fixed Align Target Name box for Named Window option


Rewritten UI to be based on AngularJS and Boostrap 3 and in accordance with the Google’s new Material Design visual principles
Designed new templates for search box
Azure Compatibility
Evoq compatibility
Implemented the ability to index per instance (and therefore all settings that are related to indexing)
Implemented the ability to index multiple instances
Implemented Case sensitive search suggestions
Implement popular searches (and autocomplete) through Lucene index
Implemented real time indexing for files
Implemented new open architecture
Added categories for custom URLs
Created a dashboard with Indexing Statistics, Switch Instance, Popular Searches, Latest Searches
Extended SearchService to support all query string parameters, same as the front end modules
Added implicit filters
Added the ability to filter by multiple categories
Implemented options to allow user sorting
Adde the ability to include keywords, author and published date in results
Added the ability to show icons next to search results
Added the ability to patch DNN skins to replace the search skin object with Search Boost
Reimplemented More Like This functionality
Moved files under /DesktopModules/DnnSharp/SearchBoost
Removed certain search input templates
Fixed the issue with incorrect query string displayed on search results page
Fixed the issue with redirect being always made to the last tab from results page
Fixed the issue with search keywords not highlighted in results
Fixed the error thrown when adding Search Boost input module on a parent portal page after creating a child portal
Fixed the issue with index button not displayed
Fixed the error thrown when adding Search Boost input module on the page
Fixed the error for Dnn 5.5 when the PdfIndexerWithPdfBox add-on can't be installed
Fixed the issue when the user sort by PubDateStr Ascending/Descending option does not work
Fixed the issue with external URLs are not indexed
Fixed the issue with sitemaps that are not indexed
Fixed the issue with custom rules that are not indexed
Fixed the issue with social sharing options that are unchecked on refresh
Fixed the issue with the results that are not displayed on parent portal when index is made on both parent and child portals
Fixed the issue when after recycle application domain the File types options are reset to the initial settings
Fixed the issue when searched results are not displayed on front page
Fixed the issue when pages and folders from parent portal are populated in all child portals on Search Target section
Breaking Changes:
DMX integration was removed, to be further enhanced and released as an Add-on, free for existing clients
Removed button to reset instance data
Social sharing now has only one checkbox under search results



Ability to specify multiple page size to allow users to select between these at search time
Ability to index or remove from index single document via web service
Ability to sort by custom fields
Ability to index documents stored in the database
Highlight search terms in titles
Added option to specify locale for documents from the metadata file
Added paging-full and paging-simple templates
If there's only one instance, switch instance automatically loads it
Added options to enable/disable using dnn page tags and dnn module tags as facets (which cause performance issues when they are too many)
Custom rules now use CTEs for advanced mode
Search only words that have more than 1 letter, unless implicit wildcard is used
Implemented option to ignore documents security from the metadata file
Optimized building facet list by only parsing the list of facets that come from the search results
Added option to tokenize document titles from metadata file (so it now can use the titles from database such as from DMX or standard documents module)
When IgnoreSecurity option is used, redirect back to search results page after auth then trigger download from js
When an intial search is setup, have all search boxes on that page take the initial search
Force filePath method for downloading file if the filename contains ampersand (which could be blocked by IIS)
Added sorting by custom fields for when search terms are missing
Added caching for instances
Updated json encode function
Added more logging
Added more logging and also js client side logging through a web service
Changed how custom rules determine deleted content
Fixed file timestamp sent to index not taking into account metadata file
Fixed xml encoding issue on suggest terms
Removed unused CSS
Fixed "mainTable" issue with advanced custom rules
Fixed getting portal alias in admin screen - it defaulted to the first alias in the list
Fixed removing deleted documents from index
Fixed extra ? or & at end of URLs of custom rules when getparams was empty
Fixed deleting instances from Switch Instance screen;
Fixed highlighter to work with wildcard searches
Fixed random sorting duplicates
Fixed DNN get Content Item throwing unhandled exception
Fixed dynamic filter to take into account the page where the search box is, not where the search results page is
Fixed null report items
Fixed fuzzy search incompatibility with stemming
Fixed displaying page title for merge content option instead of page name
Fixed multilanguage searches
Fixed switch instance when portal alias is without www but the site is accessed on www version


Ability to specify categories, boost and custom data for tabs and modules by clicking on them in Search Target tree
Option to let users sort results at search time
Option to enable stemming analysis to reduce English words to their base form (so searching plurals, various verb tenses, etc will bring same results)
Extended custom rules to take in the security permissions from the tabid or moduleid (if they're specified)
Rewrote the entire lucene query layer to simplify it, make it faster and more stable
Skip modules that are not selected in search target from indexing at all
Changed manual indexing process to run on a separate thread so fewer locks occur
Integrated DNN module and page tags as categories
Added template that shows result numbers
Fixed filtering by current portal for searches originating from DNN Search Input module
Added random sorting for search results (random per search)
Option to use hyphen as a word splitter or as a part of the word
For secured files use download script with file path option if the setting is direct url
Fixed document URLs when running in a virtual IIS dir
Fixed showing deleted module in search target tree
Only update scheduled task if they don't exist, regardless of the server
Fixed urlfwd (reporting proxy) double encoding of % chars when using download with file path method for docs
Fixed urlfwd (reporting proxy) for URLs containing ampersands
Option to eliminate duplicates from SearchBoost.Results module after the search (but it breaks pagination, preferably use the merge feature in Search Engine tab)


Added reporting functionality that tracks searches, pages viewed and results clicked
Added funtion to replace tokens in XSL templates (My Tokens supported)
Added ability to filter by custom data (from rules and documents, by appending ?sbc-filtername=value to the URL) - admin UI for creating filters coming in the future
Added ability to add custom fields for documents from metadata file
Added ability to filter by result type (rule, doc, mod, plugin) and subtype (also thorugh query parameters)
Added ability to filter by date range through query string (or post or cookies) params
Integrated DNN content localization (and increased minimum requirements to DNN 5.5)
Ability to specify different sorting when the search terms are empty (so only filters apply)
Last modified date for files now also looks at the metadata file timestamp
Implemented DNN page to handle download files requests from standard DNN results module
Added option to prevent Search Boost from auto adjusting configuration of DNN standard provider and related scheduler
Added option to pass list of categories through module indexing extensions
Integrated with DNNArticle module as a module extension to also import categories (for faceted search) and article security
Added option to merge results from modules that have the same URL (when no query string exists)
Added option to determine how titles for results that come from modules are built (either using the title provided by ISearchable, module title or page title); because of this the PageNames template has been removed
Fixed installation error on DNN 6.2.0 because Tabs.TabPath column was removed from DNN


Added 4 new expand-on-focus templates for the input box
Ability to pre-apply search to the results module
Implemented module extensions rules which give ability to get more info when modules are indexed through ISearchable (setup in Config/ModuleIndexerExt)
Module indexing extension to specify additional security (for example per item)
Module indexing extension to skip some module items from indexing
Ability to replace contextual tokens (tokens created in-place from each rule) in search results
Added indexing Fluent API for plugin developers
Added support for Content Filters (plugins that allow filtering content arbitrarily through a dropdown)
Global event for developers to get notified when the result set is ready for rendering
Integrated multi-language module that pass their language code through Guid parameter of the ISearchable interface
Added option to disable search of content (so only search titles or descriptions)
Ability to pass any data from custom rules to the XSL template
Implemented incremental indexing for custom rules by looking at PublishedDate and IsDeleted columns (if set, otherwise full index happens each time)
Extended HTML indexer to drop non-content tags and also index text in title and alt attributes
Added option to specify a indexing analyzer which basically determines how text is split into words and how it can be searched
Changed the default Search Boost analzyer to drop characters like hyphens or underscores
Increased minimum requirements to .NET 3.5 and DNN 5.2.0
Fixed Switch Instance function when accessed from the Admin menu
Fixed enforcing security for secured files
Fixed issue with content type for files types other than word docs and pdfs; added excel too and the default is application/octet-stream
Fixed determining logs path for network locations
Fixed multi-portal search by appending appropriate portal ids to the query
Fixed error in Similarity plugin when description (possible other fields too) was empty, which caused exception when More Like this was clicked for these results


Added Autocomplete, which opens suggestions box as you type in the search box
Added Wilcard search, works implicitely or explicitely by use of asterix character
Added metadata xml file per folder - all index documents in that folder merge their own metadata with this per folder file
Added Faceted Search which is the ability to filter results based on their categories
Added category support for custom database rules
Added category support for documents through metadata
Added category API support for the custom indexer plugins
Added ability to sort results by folder/page name
Added ability to pass custom data from custom indexers (per search item) and have that available in the XSL templates
Fixed documents analyzer to take into account when files are deleted from disk and update the index accordingly
Added ability to tokenze column names inside additional params field
Added ability to index any file (not normally supported) based on its filename or attached metadata
Added ability to link a custom database rule to an arbitrary URL
Added PlainUrl field to the XML result
Refactored indexer configuration so now it's a folder where configuration files can be added without the risk of being overwritten on upgrades
Changed Instance Switcher so if there's only one instance it will automatically load it
Fixed documents download by other methods that direct link
Fixed multi-language search
Turned on script support for XSL templates


Added ability to index PDF without IFIlter (download and install separate extension)
Added ability to index DOCX documents without IFilter (built-in, runs when IFilter is not installed)
Added ability to create metadata files next to each document to specify another title, description, keywords or override URL.
Added option to ignore accents (so same results are returned when not using accents).
Added option to configure the list of Stop Words (common words that should be ignored by the indexing engine)
Added Search Web Service capable of returning custom XML or directly the HTML produced by the templating engine.
Added HTML Skin Object definition so now Search Boost can also be added as a object to HTML DNN Skins.
Fixed breaking HTML tags when generating descriptions.
Refactored all filters and pagination to Lucene Index which means searching is at least 3 times faster.
Lots of other minor features and stabilization fixes.
Extended DNN behavior so same module on different pages indexes once for each page.


Added social sharing buttons for each result
Option to sort results by relevance, date published or title
Search Suggestions when a term generates zero results
Option to display Similar Results for a search result
Added ability to specify custom SQL query for a custom rule (instead of using the SQL builder)
Ability to index secured files
Ability to run in Medium Trust (all indexing will work except document indexers based on IFilter)
Ability to include/exclude terms by using special characters + and - before each term
Refactored results pagination so they happen through Query String and also there's an option to specify the number of visible page links
Added option to use POST instead of query string when submitting searches (or navigating through pages) when input box and results modules are on same page (so page state is preserved)
Added ability to customize URL of the document download script
Information about DNN security roles is not being saved in the search index, making it a lot faster
On module upgrades the index will be clear so it makes sure the new index structure will be filled in correctly
Fixed download by ID method by passing the document id from lucene index
Lots of minor fixes and stabilization


Ability to index (external) Web Pages
Ability to consume sitemaps and RSS feeds and index all pages they contain
Added option to boost recently updated documents and modules
Ability to specify WHERE clause in custom rules
DNN 6.0 compatibility fixes
Refactored the index writer so it doesn't keep exclusive lock when not writing to the index
Optimized Doc Analyzer by looking at folder dates too and compare to last indexing time
Changed behavior so Admin button is always installed
Added localization support for admin console
Fixed issue with filling columns for joins when editing a custom rule


Added ability to select additional fields to index (such as titles, descriptions, etc) and give each a boost (that affects ranking)
Added ability to link custom rules to tabs or URLs as well (previously they needed to be linked to a ModuleID because of DNN limitation)
Added ability to specify boost per custom rule that determines the ranking of the search results generated by those rules
Refactored indexing into speciazlied indexers and made that configurable from an XML file (so it's now possible to write your own indexer, wire it to the config and push results to Search Boost indexing engine)
Refactored statistics and loggers so they are more generic and are passed to each indexer (so if you write your own indexer you can use the logging and statistics capabilities)
Added ability to specify connection string for a custom rule (making it possible to index content from different databases)
Other minor fixes and adjustments


Implemented search engine based on Lucene
Added exceptions for search target (separately for modules, tabs and folders) that can be ids, texts or regex
Implemented fuzzy search
Implemented Exact Phrase search
Added option to specify default operator for multi word searches (AND, OR or Exact Phrase)
Added contextual highlighting of search terms
Fixed catching errors from indexer in SB Studio and report it in friendly format to the user
Added Documents Analyzer that looks up new or updated documents that need reindexing (so only new documents are indexed)
Eliminated DNN scalability issues by having Search Boost indexer stream resuts to the database (DNN indexer builds results in memory which causes the server to run out of memory when there's a lot of content)
Added ability to clear index from SB Studio (Reindex has been renamed to Index Content which indexes differentially)
Added indexing statistics - see how many documents/modules are indexed and how many have been indexed last time the Search Boost Indexer ran)
Added auto install code that will set the appropriate Search Store provider in web.config
Fixed issues running in child portals
Fixed issue with selection being lost when only modules where selected in the tree
Added option to control Exact Phrase accuracy (Phrase Slop determines how close to each other the words need to be to come up as results)
Added option to control Fuzzy Search (specified as 40t to 100 percent match - where 100 disables fuzzy search)
Removed shortcuts in SB Studio that were interfering with CTRL selection
Fixed registration so on upgrades Search Boost will try to auto upgrade the license as well
The 30 Day trial now needs unlocked with email address


Upgrade jQuery, jQuery UI and other components to latest version
Added 20 awesome input templates (see demo)
Added PowerPoint and Excel format under supported file types
Optimize file search indexing by caching supported indexers and added exceptions for Cache, Logs and Templates folders
If result module is on same page, use postback to initiate search (todo: ability to choose when to do post)
Replaced Search Boost Studio link with better integrated link (for modules, use module actions)
Added ability to hide manage link (and access SB Studio from Admin Menu)
Moved Custom Rules to own main tab
Changed custom Rule Wizard to modal dialog
Moved Test Search to non-modal dialog
Dropped help pane and moved buttons to the toolbar


Added ability to use a template to create description of custom indexed items. The template can reference fields using tokens [Fields:<ColumnName>]
Added logging capabilities for search indexing (use this to debug if the content is indexed properly or just log errors)
Added logging capabilities for searching (use this to debug how results are returned or just log errors)
Stabilization fixes for file indexing to handle some special characters and some lowercase/uppercase exceptions
Fixed Test Search and Front End search to use same code so they display consistent results
Fixed bringing DNN results when using the test search function
Fixed populating result pages in Output Settings when current portal was not the default portal
Redirect to DNN login screen when access is denied
Fixed custom rules, enclose column names in brackets so it doesn't fail if there are spaces inside column name


added localization for text that appears initiallly inside the box
implemented IPortable
search instances are now initialized with the entire target tree checked
added option to enable/disable DNN Folder Security checks
stabilization fixed for file indexing


added configure file indexing screen, ability to enable indexing & searching of specific file types per instance
added FileIndexer interface and implemented XmlIndexer (xml/html files), PlainTextIndexer (for asci files) and IFilterFileIndexer (pdf, doc, docx, etc)
changed tree component in Search Target screen so now it's Asynchronous - this means content is loaded dynamically as the tree expands so it fixes the performance issue when there were lots of pages or folders.
added Switch Instance function (that replaces the lists of instances in left accordion control)
added General Settings screen with compatibility and debugging functions (document download URL format, open target for documents and modules, debug-show XML used in XSL transformation)
added Start Page with common tasks and Hightlights of important configuration aspects
added 6 big buttons in left pane for different sections of configuration
added Install Under Admin function
added type (page/document) and subtype to the XML used in XSL transformation
added XSLT template mechanism for search input box and create default template
extended tokenization scope so now it also tokenizes URL, page title and page name (previously tokenization was applied only for description) and also the Tokenization of XSL template
transport SearchKey and ItemId (try to parse from SearchKey) to XSL template
solved various html encoding issues for file descriptions, titles, etc that were breaking the results XML
show progress bar while content is reindexing in Search Boost Studio


option to dynamically filter search results relative to active tab (for example, to search all child pages of active tab)
document indexing for html and txt files
integrated DNN Folder Security when displaying search results from portal documents
added fields to control description length and format in search results
fixed URLs to results from different portals to take into account appropriate portal alias
various minor fixes


File Indexing - SearchBoost can now index PDF and WORD documents (doc and docx) provided there are IFilter packages installed to handle these formats.


Added filtering by portal (configure under SearchBoost studio if the dropdowns with portals should appear and what portals should it list)
Added possibility to pass static parameters to the target page when result is clicked in Search Results
Added function to clear items indexed by a rule (to fix issue in DNN 5.4+ where content stays indexed even if the associated key doesn't exist anymore)
Fixed issue with content not being indexed on DNN 5.4.2 multi language sites (DNN returns empty locale even when the locale doesn't exist instead of throwing exception)


Integration with Apollo Multilanguage modules (SearchBoost will only return results in current locale)
Result page localization (SearchBoost will load XSL templates based on current locale)
Fixed compatibility issues with DNN 5.4
Fixed javascript issues with unescaped json strings


Fixed Dnn 5.4 compatibility issues
Added MyTokens Support for content displayed on result page
Optmized Core Function for indexing custom data
Strip HTML from descriptions on result pages


Added option to select template use to render search results.
Added template that renderes Page Names instead of Module Titles on results page (useful when Module Titles are not set)
Fixed collation errors in SQL installation scripts


Added support for creating custom search rules
Awesome New UI - An AJAX driven IDE environment that allows to easily manage instances and custom search rules by providing all tools in one place (instance management, rule management, reindexing tool, testing tool, etc)
Tool to quickly test searches over entire portal or individual SearchBoost instances.
Tool to force Dnn to reindex content.
Upgraded registration component to RegCore4 (Portal License no longer supported)
SearchBoost Controller now implements ISearchable to index custom search rules.
Custom search rules work both with standard Dnn search and SearchBoost.
Tool to test queries that are behind custom search rules.
Exception thrown by custom search rules at indexing time will go to Admin/LogViewer.


added more licensing options (Domain License, Full Domain License, Portal License and Server License)
added option to have text displayed before entering the search; the text defaults to Input your search...
added option to change the name of the GET parameter that is sent to the search results module; this is useful for integrating SearchBoost with other modules
updated underlaying javascript jquery-ui to 1.6 component
added dropdown button that holds all the options (Settings, Activate) including a SearchBoost menu with quick links to product pages, forums, documentation
added possibility to open activate dialog in a new browser window for greater compatibility (some javascript errors on the page can prevent the jquery dialog from opening)


initial version

If you're an existing Search Boost user, you need to go to My Account > My Downloads to get the latest build!