Increased minimum requirements to .NET 4.0+
Increased minimum requirements to DNN 6+
Implemented the ability when setting up a CustomUrl with Redirect/PermanentRedirect the QueryString is maintained
Implemented the possibility to apply www option only for domains without subdomains
Replaced the 404 setting with the code that DNN uses
Implemented a detailed message to be thrown if CheckForPortalPage.Deleted redirect is made
Fixed the bug improper redirect when 404 Page option is set
Fixed the bug when the subdomains no longer function for Portal Alias
Fixed the bug a error displayed when enabling URL Adapter
Fixed the bug unable to access files on DMX when enabling URL Adapter
Fixed the bug Sun Blog articles' URLs are improperly formed until I refresh URL Adapter
Fixed the bug unable to activate product license after upgrade
Fixed the bug when one from two pages with the same page title is deleted, the other cannot be accessed when Page Title is set in Friendly URL Format
Fixed the bug when critical error message displayed on upgrade
Fixed the bug redirect to 404 page when creating a News article with no apostrophe in title
Fixed the bug when HTTPS not working for Advanced Rules with relative URLs
Fixed the bug when the last created article cannot be accessed if I click on its title until I create a new one
Fixed the bug when user verification link send on email does doesn't work with URL Adapter enabled
Fixed the bug when error message displayed if content localization is enabled
Fixed the bug 404 redirect when enabling URL Adapter on a site with content localization activated
Fixed the bug Azure incompatibility - error when I add module on page
Fixed the bug when upgrading from 1.4.80 or 1.4.67 to 1.4.87 breaks the site
Fixed the bug when the URL Adapter will ignore my primary site aliases settings
Fixed the bug when appears a conflict with EasyDnn Gallery and an error page is loaded "This webpage has a redirect loop"
Fixed the bug when appears a conflict with Revindex and an error page is loaded The resource you are looking for does not exist!
Fixed the bug "This webpage has a redirect loop" thrown when I use /Default.aspx option for HomePage
Fixed the bug when an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object " is thrown if get the Current Portal Alias
Fixed the bug when the Url path and query was lost in EnforceLocale rule if TabId was present in the rewrite but no url
Fixed the bug when the website URL still contains the .aspx extension after uninstall and loses some url rewriting functionality
Fixed the bug when the home page throws error if Url Type is Relative
Fixed the bug when a server error is thrown if I access DNN Check Messages if use Display Name as Friendly URL and Enforce
Fixed the bug when handling 404 page from DNN when a direct request to NotFound is made
Fixed the bug when the whole website is down after I tried to enable URL Adapter on DNN 8


Implemented integration with SunBlogNuke, EasyDNNnews, News Article, DNNInfo Classifieds and Property Agent modules
Implemented new mechanism to rebuild the queue based on database triggers
Implemented Priority Rules - so one can choose either rule come before other rules or after
Implemented SSL portal and tab options
Implemented providers engine that is triggered by the presence of some modules on a page and some query string params
Implemented UserProvider that handles generating user friendly URLs
Added activation error message on the page when URL Adapter is not activated
Added more logging and optimized speed by caching IsActivated
Added primary key for Rules tables
Rebuild index if empty and load it all at once in cache
Changed SafeWord option to disable the index permanently - it can then be re-enabled from admin
Changed primary key to guid for index table to avoid overflow
Skip enforcing locale for root domain
Removed message when module is not activated - and just default to standard URL rewriter;
Fixed respecting the homepage
Fixed handling DNN URLs
Fixed appending .aspx extension
Fixed advanced rules no not cache when absolute URLs are used, because the cache doesn't take into account domain names
Fixed locale part on DNN 7
Fixed localization to take into account the browser language, cookie, user profile
Fixed serving the correct homepage when setting is set to Root
Fixed conflicting licensing with DNN API Endpoint
Fixed URL providers to work when placed on the homepage
Fixed bug related with SmithCart login
Fixed ordering advanced rule
Fixed performance issue caused by non tab related URLs
Fixed defaulting to standard DNN URLs when module is not activated
Fixed getting custom URLs per portal
Fixed serving .HTML custom URLs
Fixed handling URLs like /tabid/123/param1/value1/default.aspx
Fixed custom URLs wiping the index
Fixed rules that were changing existing targets instead of creating a new one, which resulted in redirect loops
Fixed missing extensions
Fixed getting extension on .NET 3.5


Implemented ability to reset settings via API
Implemented ability to enable and disable URL Adapter
Upgraded admin to Bootstrap 3
Added custom HTTP Headers to the response that reflect which rule produced the current URL
Added option to choose either to generate relative or absolute URLs
Skip HTTP Handlers from rewriting
Upgraded admin UI
Added [TabId] the list of possible tokenizations for the URLs
Handle disabled Host Cache
Fixed a special case when a forward slash was present right after the question mark where query string begins, i.e. ?/something=something
Fixed 404 page setting breaking the Edit state of current page when non-existent resources were loaded
Fixed enforce locale affecting physical file paths
Fixed advanced rule not properly matching Relative + Query because of ? in match rule
Fixed the Type column defaulting to Absolute for rules imported from CSV


Added report view that shows all HTTP errors
Added option to specify a 404 page
Filter entries in reports by error or by category of errors
Changed the provider to always return absolute URLs
Added special tokens for result URL ([PageName] and [TabUrl])
Added Rule to enforce current locale, so urls always start with the locale (in future this will be customizable)
Run on medium trust
Added smooth scroll to admin console
Added ability for parameters in advanced rules to match past any separator
Added Debug Logging option that generates detailed information about what happens behind the scenes
Fixed homepage check on .NET 2.0 breaking the website
Fixed skipping DNN folders when running in IIS dir
Fixed order when importing rules from CSV and fixed order when saving rules;
Fixed issue with running rules inherited from DNN
Fixed IE display issues in administration console


Implemented advanced rewrite and redirection rules that look at all requests
For advanced rules, specify which part of the URL to match (domain, relative url, query string, etc)
Export/import advanced rule through CSV
Logging of HTTP error (such as 404 not found or 500 internal server error)
Implemented SafeWord to disable url rewritting and redirections for 5 minutes
Added ability to use DisplayName for user URL
Added disabled custom URLs (will permanently redirect to primary URL) and deleted URLs (will send 410 http message)
Added the option to physically delete custom URLs
Completely replaced DNN URL rewriter
Ability to enforce terms, privacy, login, register and logoff pages so there's only one friendly version of it called for example "/terms" and not "/home?ctl=terms";
Ability to define Custom URLs that redirect to absolute URLs (for example, to other sites)
Fixed token replacer to properly pass User (when using standard replacer)
Now skipping special folders only if path actually maps to a file
Increased priority of Advanced Rules
Show access denied error instead of redirect to login (it caused confusion)
Fixed user URLs when they contain dot (.) and ampersand (@) characters
Respect redirects defined in DNN page settings
Skip pages that are in recycle bin


Option to create additional custom URLs for each page
Option to create SEO and human friendly URLs automatically
Mechanism to define which one is the preferred URL for a page and optionally enforce that with a 301 or 302 redirect
Option to create your URLs from Page Name, Page Title or Page Description
Options to force lowercase, ignore accents or replace space and punctuation options