Updated DNN reference to version 6.0
Upgraded minimum requirements to .NET 4.0
Added possibility to receive an email anytime a job fails
Added action to execute a list of actions for each entity
Added error message on save of a db trigger if the table has ntext or text columns
Fixed {Object Qualifier} erroneously added to table name making job unable to run
Fixed bug where the Load More button is not working in history page
Fixed expressions in Time Cron Trigger not working
Fixed Output token name not able to return more than one column
Fixed POP Mail jobs not running
Fixed Razor tokens returning error message on sent emails
Fixed Serialize to Excel error
Fixed Server Request action failing when a posted value contains a special character
Fixed toggle HTML option for an email body not keeping the HTML Style settings after save


Implemented POP Mail Triggers allowing the user to fire the cron each time an email is received
Redesigned UI in accordance with the Google’s new Material Design visual principles
Implemented the ability to use external databases
Implemented the ability to schedule tasks for database tables in all 3 schemas (cv, dbo, ptl)
Evoq compatibility
Azure compatibility
Refactored the Actions architecture
Refactored Send Email action
Added errors to the history when the cron expression is incorrect or there is a null reference
Fixed the issue when DateTime parameter not restoring value when going in Edit page
Fixed the issue when Job name not formatted correctly when job is disabled
Fixed the issue when trigger is not removed until the page is refreshed
Fixed the issue when the [User:] token didn’t work on Send Email action
Fixed the issue when the cron job with "On Database Insert" trigger failed whenever an insert was made in the database
Fixed the issue with the Output Token Name on Run SQL Query
Fixed the issue when the Context User value was not saved
Fixed the issue when cron with empty database trigger cannot be deleted
Fixed the issue when delete job button from edit cron page didn’t work
Fixed the issue when "Send mail to all users" option didn’t work
Fixed the issue when Role on Grant User Role was not saved
Fixed the issue when save button didn’t worked on cron with pop mail trigger


Implemented database triggers for inserts, update, delete and individual columns update
Implemented on user created trigger (based on database triggers)
Added Backup Files action
Replaced TinyMCE with textAngular
Implemented cc and bcc fields for Send Mail
Fixed end date to also be UTC
Fixed disabled jobs that where still running


Implemented Clone Job, Clone Action and Clone Trigger
Ability to delete users (hard and soft delete)
Added actions to grant user roles, revoke roles, authorize users and unauthorized users
Action to load multiple users into context; user actions (such as grant or revoke roles) and sending emails affect all these users
Extended Server Request action to allow different HTTP methods and specifying HTTP Headers
Added Regex parser, useful to process data received from external sources
Added AES and RSA encryption actions
Upgraded UI components
Updated registration allow Portal Licenses
Fixed ExecuteMethod not working with overloaded methods
Fixed uninstalling triggers from Quartz
Fixed UTC date in history
Removed NLog dependency