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Sharp Look

The DNN Game Changer

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Version 1.1.0, Released Mar 21, 2016.


Be Your Own Web Development Team

Sharp Look is not just a DNN theme, it is a powerful DNN theme framework, a total design suite with infinite customization possibilities. With Sharp Look you are not limited to design or functionality offered by various DNN themes. You are totally in control of any aspect of your site.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Sharp Look empowers you to quickly and easily build stunning DNN portals, providing a foundation that takes DNN to places you never thought it could go. Even the enterprising non-designers will surprise themselves with how much they can do and how quickly, once they are up and running with Sharp Look.

Why Sharp Look?

...Will Change The Way You DNN

  • Upgraded CMS Experience

    Sharp Look’s state of art technologies give you the joy of editing your design with simple yet powerful tools in the new mode for designers (besides the traditional View, Edit, Layout). You can create a new look every time you get bored of your existing design - with just a few clicks.

  • Be Competitive In The Real World

    When you produce several DNN portals a year, you need a toolset that helps you speed up without compromise. That's what we've built in Sharp Look. It will make you one of the fastest developers around and it will make DNN affordable and more attractive for people from within or outside of community

  • Built By Top Developers

    We at DNN Sharp take support to a whole new level. Seriously, go ahead and check our reviews online. Whatever your question, one of the very DNN Jedis who built Sharp Look will get back to you to make sure your project runs smoothly. Yes, we do it during your evaluation period too.


Powerful Features That Put You In Control

Touch Friendly:
Swiping, Pinching, Tapping

Sharp Look is touch enabled which means its options can be configured from a mobile device so you’re able to control your website from your smart phone or tablet.

Elegantly Responsive:
Mobile-First Approach

No matter how you use it and no matter how you view it, your website built with Sharp Look is going to look great. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Light Admin UI:
Stop Struggling in DNN

Sharp Look was built with simplicity in mind. We have replaced all the DNN control panel bar and we've done our best to only include the customization options you need.

No .ASCX Coding:
Why Code When You Can Click?

Sharp Look gives you total control of the most common elements on your DNN portal with just a few simple clicks. Themes and panes can be designed in the Layout mode without coding a single line. No ascx skinning - everything is skinned via admin UI.

Ultra Fast:
Instant Increase In Site Speed

Sharp Look UI code belongs to the browser. By replacing the .aspx controls with client side code we made DNN much faster taking it to places you never thought it could go.

Pre-built Templates:
The Perfect Way To Start

We’ve included some premade templates that you can instantly add to your DNN portal and tweak to your satisfaction in minutes. Just fill the sample template with your own content for a quick and amazing-looking website.

Simplified Forms:
Common Tasks At Your Fingertips

Sharp Look is shipped with forms to help you easily perform common tasks. In this way you will cut a tremendous amount of time out of the site development cycle.


Simple Plans & Pricing — Amazing results


  • Standard License
  • Licensed for 1 site
  • Includes localized domains

  • 3 months of free updates and support
  • Buy ($249.95)
  • Enterprise License
  • Licensed for 1 organization
  • Includes unlimited Sharp Look installations within one organization
  • 1 year of free updates and support
  • Buy ( $999.95)


Pre-made Templates Driven