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This is a great module! You can build complete applications with it, but also for a simple grid view or listing

- Hans Lenting, Owner of De Kale Ict

Grid In Action. How De Kale ICT Uses Action Grid To Build An Ecommerce Solution

It’s a straight-up fact that sharing the unique stories and best practices from our awesome customers is not only a delight but helps keep our community feeling close-knit. Spotlighting these stories can also give us the feedback we need to continue working hard at providing the features you want.


Without further ado, let us introduce you to our friend Hans Lenting, owner of De Kale ICT in Zwolle, Netherlands. He is using DNN as an integrator. Started his company in 2008 and only using DNN for websites and webapplications. Hans is always busy on bridging the gap between IT and Business and trying to keep IT easy and understandable. So his core business is to help small companies in using IT as an enabler for their core business.

Hans relies on Action Grid to help him build an ecommerce solution. He will teach us step by step how to integrate Mollie, a popular payment gateway with Action Grid and Action Form also. The floor’s all yours, Hans.

How to integrate Mollie in Action Form or Action Grid?

1. Execute an insert in a table to store all the created orders

2. Call Mollie to create an payment url

3. Handle the return form Mollie

4. Update the table from step 1 with the info from Mollie

5. Redirect to an other page where will be checked the status of the payment

Step one

Insert in a table the unique key to identify this order (is use the token {GUID:NEW} for that)

Step two

The authorization is given from the Mollie account. The redirect url is the page on this portal where the status of the payment will be checked. The return message of Mollie will be stored in the token which is behind ‘Output Token Name’

Step three

Handles the return of the call to Mollie

Step four

Update the internal table with the information from Mollie

Step five

Calls the checkout page with the unique id to check the status of the payment

Step six

On the checkout page there will be checked if the payment is paid. Based on the url (which has the unique id as a querystring) DNN knows which payment to check. It contains some steps:

1. Select the record from the internal table

2. Call the Mollie API to ask for the status of the payment

3. Handles the answer

4. Updates the status of the payment in the internal table

5. Display a message about the payment (but you can do anything with the info you want)

Step seven

Select the correct record from the internal table based on the querystring

Step eight

Select the correct record from the internal table based on the querystring

Step nine

Handle the return information from Mollie

Step 10

Update the internal table with the current payment status

Step 11

Show a message based on the status. The condition will select with message. I added two messages, both with the same info, oly the condition is different


De Kale ICT: dekaleict.nl

Demo of one page store built on top of Action Grid: winkel.dekaleict.nl/Catalogus


Hans Lenting, Owner


Case Study


De Kale ICT




Action Grid, Action Form


3 Weeks


De Kale ICT wanted to build an ecommerce solution that should provide an easy way to process payments online via the popular payment gateway, Mollie.


The solution was built on top of Action Grid and Action Form.


The result is an awesome one page store with an interactive user interface, eye-catching visuals, and good usability.

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