Standard Support

Is shipped with the license you purchase.
Includes the ability to post your questions or problems via our support forum, which is monitored on week days.
Not only does our team moderate the forum and provide light support, but other users are always chiming into the the discussions with their own thoughts — which makes for a solid experience on all fronts, and allows a number of perspectives that wouldn’t be present during an email exchange.
Our support forums focus on helping people with bugs and other issues, and we can not provide in-depth support on complex customizations of our modules. For that check our premium support options.
Most legitimate bugs that are reported will be logged and fixed for the next release; if a workaround can be easily provided, we’ll share one in the interim.
When it comes to customization, while we’re happy to help point users in the right direction towards accomplishing a desired customization if we can, we won’t build your site or app for you.
The Standard plan includes also the website self-service (documentation, FAQs, etc.)
There is no guaranteed response time in the Standard plan, but we make efforts to answer your questions within 2 working days.

DNN Sharp is an awesome company to work with. Support is unmatched!

"Jerry Mattox, Chief Programmer at Genesis Consulting"

Great support! That is exactly what I want for a long term collaboration. We suggested several items and they kept on working with us to solve or explain them all.

"Robrecht Siera, HolonCom"