Send Automated SMS Notifications From DNN With Clickatell In No Time

Enter the ‘golden age’ for business communications with DNN Clickatell Add-on for Action Form! Deliver business SMSes with information, tips, coupons, alerts, rewards and so on straight to the phones in your customers pockets!

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Version 5.0.0, Released Jan 08, 2018.
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Plug 'n Play Installation

With DNN Clickatell Add-on there is no requirement for setup time. Simply download and install it and you are good to go!

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Action Form provides the form configuration and processing functionality necessary for DNN Clickatell Add-on to work. Just input your Clickatell API ID username, password and you are ready to start.

Seamlessly Integrated

DNN Clickatell Add-on is built to work right out of the box and is tightly integrated with Action Form so you don't have to worry about conflicts or core upgrades later.

Seamlessly Integrated

Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms?

Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's responsive, too!

Ridiculously good-looking Grids for DNN data-rich Applications

Action Grid enables the integration of powerful tables from multiple sources into DNN projects, providing a simple yet flexible means of displaying data in a tabular format.

Build REST DNN API With No Coding

DNN API Endpoint gives you a complete API platform for directly accessing DNN data securely and efficiently from outside your DNN portal.

DNN Interactive Walkthroughs

InfoBox creates digital walkthroughs on your DNN portal improving the user experience and providing personalized guidance.

All Kinds Of Automated Tasks In DNN

Optimize your DNN portal to save you a lot of time performing mundane time-consuming DNN tasks that would have otherwise been done by you or your team. The more you can set on autopilot the better.

Clickatell requires a minimum of

- DotNetNuke 7.2.1+
- SQL Server 2008+ (including msde and express editions)
- ASP.NET 4.0 +
- IIS 6.0+

Send Bulk

This option allows you to put your SMS text message in all your customers' pockets in a heartbeat.

SMS Arrive…Instantly

Forget email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into your DNN portal. When a SMS is sent, it arrives in seconds.

Conditional Action

You can write a condition that will determine at submit time whether the Send SMS through Clickatell action will get executed or not.

Complex Workflows

DNN Clickatell Add-on can send SMS text messages to your customers automatically, in complex workflows.

Contact Form

If you need a simple contact form for your Clickatell account, then DNN Clickatell Add-on is your ticket.

Yep, It’s Responsive

DNN Clickatell's got your back. The template available is responsive which means it will self-adapt to the device your visitor is using.

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