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Our products are not just for the people but by the people! 

So, what's the deal?

Well, on the surface, our products are great tools for creating cool stuff for your DNN portal. And you know that... 
But beneath the skin, and in the right hands, our products are a creation framework with unparalleled possibilities!
That means anyone can extend our products to do anything they want. Sure, there are several extensions so far, but we would love to see more, and we’d love for them to be built by other developers.

Why you might want to join the project

Top Selling Framework

 growing and doing so at a rapid pace and we want to spread the love as much as possible. In only few months our products growth has been incredible: trial downloads +174%, site visits +216%, Sales +221%. You’re getting on at the very beginning of something truly great!


Working with a DNN top developer like us and mastering powerfull frameworks like our products means you'll have influence to shape the future of DNN as well as the ecosystem that is built around it.

Make the Most Money

Demand for taking our products to the next level is high and our clients are willing to pay for new exciting features. While we do take a percentage of each sale, a part of the profits will go to you, the developer.

Powerful Extensions Built To Leverage The Full Potential Of Our Products

DNN Campaign Monitor Add-on


DNN Campaign Monitor Add-on

If you haven't started working on an email marketing strategy yet, stop what you're doing and get on it for your DNN portal using the extremely popular Campaign Monitor service.



 Buy ($39.95)
DNN MailChimp


DNN MailChimp Add-on

Supercharge your email marketing efforts and turn your DNN portal into a marketing leads generation machine.



 Buy ($39.95)
DNN Page Actions


DNN Page Actions Add-on

If you’ve been frustrated assigning roles and setting restrictions for managing DNN pages in the past, prepare to be surprised at how easy it can be with DNN Page Actions Add-on.



 Buy ($39.95)
DNN Module Actions


DNN Module Actions Add-on

You can finally relax about assigning roles and setting restrictions for managing DNN modules.



 Buy ($39.95)
DNN Job Application Add-on


Job Application Add-on

Running a job application inside DNN has never been easier!



 Buy ($19.95)
DNN Advanced Search Add-on


DNN Advanced Search Add-on

If you’re looking for better DNN search, this extension is simply the best way to go.



 Buy ($49.95)
DNN Constant Contact Add-on


DNN Constant Contact Add-on

Add subscribers to your Constant Contact mailing lists directly from any Action Form forms



 Buy ($39.95)
DNN Clickatell Add-on


DNN Clickatell Add-on

Send business SMSes from DNN straight to the phones in your customers pockets!



 Buy ($39.95)
My Action Form Uniqueizer Add-on


My Action Form Uniqueizer Add-on

Prevent multiple form submissions, based on e-mail address and display a personalized error message.



 Buy ($24.95)

How can I get involved in this amazing opportunity?

I’m glad you asked. Create extensions for our products and we’ll take care to sale them properly. We have the domain knowledge and the marketing expertise, you have the programming skills and the wish to build something great. Our products' users are already looking to find new and exciting features.
We want our products to have the best possible extensions available... ever. And we want you to be rewarded for that effort. Fill out the form below to get started today.

Yeahhh! You guessed it! This form is powered by Action Form

That’s our pitch. Who’s in?

Remember... your extension could be the next best seller on DNN marketplace!