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Easy Container helps build rich DNN containers at a click of a mouse with live preview! Cut the middle man and increase productivity!

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This module is no longer offered as a standalone product. It can only be purchased as part of our collections.

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Workhorse Productivity Tool

Easy Container let's site administrators quickly create containers on the fly using web based UI, significantly improving productivity. It behaves pretty much as standard DNN containers except they provide a link to open a popup dialog where the magic happens.

Easy To Use

The Container Builder opens in a popup and every change you make is applied instantly on the page for previewing purposes. It's not until you hit Save that the settings are saved on disk.

Total Control

Easy Container features various options for tweaking sizes, layout, fonts, borders, backgrounds and more. These settings are displayed in tabbed popup interface for quick administration.

Container Builder

Each module that uses an Easy Container has a link that opens up inline popup with settings to adjust the container.

Live Preview

Changing container settings is reflected real time on the page but are not actually visible to any other user until you click save.

Responsive Capabilities

Once with version 2.0 Easy Container comes with built-in responsive capabilities so all you have to do is define which module is visible on what devices.

Edit Multiple Containers

Container Builders opens in popups, more can be open at the same time making it very easy to transfer settings.

Clone Containers

Easily clone containers so you don't have to start from scratch with each new container.

Layout Settings

Position modules in any way imaginable with high (pixel) precision.

Custom Styles

Any custom styles defined through the builder or directly in the CSS files are preserved by Easy Container.

Root Appearance Settings

Define background and border around the whole container.

Titlebar Appearance Settings

Define the font of the title, margin and padding, the background and the border around the titlebar.

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Yes. You can download the Easy Container 30 day free trial from: http://www.dnnsharp.com/dnn/modules/easy-container/download

The trial version is identical to the full version, except for the time limitations.

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Each container can be customized for position, appearance, actions, visibility of modules across devices and so much more.

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