Collect Electronic Signatures with Action Form in The Blink of An Eye

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Version 5.0.0, Released Jan 08, 2018.
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Plug 'n Play Installation

With DNN Electronic Signature Add-on there is no requirement for setup time. Installation is a snap. Simply download and install it and you are good to go!

Seamlessly Integrated

DNN Electronic Signature Add-on is built to work right out of the box and is tightly integrated with Action Form so you don't have to worry about conflicts or core upgrades later.

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Action Form provides the form configuration and processing functionality necessary for DNN Electronic Signature Add-on to work. Enabling online signatures is as simple as adding a new field in Action Form.

Add-on Requirements

Electronic Signature requires a minimum of

- Action Form
- DotNetNuke 7.2.1+
- SQL Server 2008+ (including msde and express editions)
- ASP.NET 4.0 +
- IIS 6.0+

E-signature On-The-Fly

The add-on captures signature information as it is drawn and sends data to a web server where this information is converted into a PNG image and stored on the server.

Touchscreen Device Support

DNN Electronic Signature Add-on allows users to easily include their signature when submitting a form on their iPad or Android device.

Add E-signature To A PDF

Using DNN PDF Generator Add-on you can have a real signature present on a PDF output document to be used as a legal or official document.

No Browser Plugins

The add-on is completely browser-based requiring no third-party browser plugins. The only requirement is that Javascript support is enabled in the browser.

Cross-Browser Happy

DNN Electronic Signature Add-on works on all major browsers, both desktop and mobile: IE 9+, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS Mobile Safari, Android.

My Tokens Supported

If MyTokens is installed, it can be called to replace tokens in HTML texts, email recipients, subjects and bodies.

Yep, It’s Responsive

The form that will include the Touch Signature field will be responsive, which means it will self-adapt to the device your visitor is using.

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