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Search Boost has often been said to be light years ahead of any other search engine. Make sure you are not losing customers because they can't find what they're looking for.

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Why Search Boost?
Search Boost is a highly tuned search solution that radical re-imagine the standard DNN search. It is the best alternative if you want more control over what gets searched, who gets to search, and what results you see.

Search Boost comes with great features allowing searching documents, custom data from database, target subsets of the portals and many more.


  • DotNetNuke 5.5+, DotNetNuke 6, DotNetNuke 7
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/r2 (including msde and express editions)
  • ASP.NET 3.5+
  • IIS 6.0+

Index Portal Content

Search Boost uses DNN interfaces to retrieve searchable portal content.

Index Documents

Search Boost can be configured to index documents such as PDFs, WORD Documents from portal directories.

Index External Web Pages

Search Boost can be configured with a list of URLs to index. It also knows to consume URLs that are XML Sitemaps or RSS feeds and index all web pages they contain.


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What can Search Boost do for you?

The list below is not meant to be exhaustive, there are lots of more applicabilities for Search Boost.

  • Index Portal Content 

      Search Boost uses DNN interfaces to retrieve searchable portal content.

  • Index Documents 

      Search Boost can be configured to index documents from portal directories. This is achieved using IFilter interface, so for this to work you need to install IFilter packages from Adobe (for PDFs) and Micrsosoft (for Word Documents).


  •  Index External Web Pages 

      Search Boost can be configured with a list of URLs to index. It also knows to consume URLs that are XML Sitemaps or RSS feeds and index all web pages they contain. This is very powerful feature to displayed unified results from multiple sources. 

  • Customize Appearance 

      Search Boost comes with 20 templates for the input box and 2 for the search results. The templates are based on XSL transformation and CSS files which makes it very powerful to create your own that can be as simple as changing a few styles from a pre-built template or define a whole new html structure by creating new XSL template.


  • Advanced Search Syntax 

      Search Boost extends capabilities of DNN search with cool new features such as Fuzzy Search, Exact Phrase search and it allows configuring the precision of how these works. Furthermore, there's also an option to configure the default operator for multi word searches (AND, OR, Exact Phrase)


  • Control Results Relevance 

      Search Boost has a number of options that allow boosting certain results. Not all results are created equal, boosting basically lets portal administrators control which results should rank higher based on last modified date, their type or where the terms appears inside the result. 


  • Restrict searches 

      Defining modules/tabs/portals to search is as easy as navigating a tree and checking in appropriate items.

Just to name a few scenarios when this is needed:

§  There are modules that implement ISearchable, but they don't offer a built-in search input. To get around this limitation, add a SearchBoost module to the page, open the Settings window and select the module you want this specific instance to search into.

§  Sometimes searches need to be restricted to sections that are made up of multiplied modules from different tabs. For example: search manuals, search products, search services, etc. To accomplish this, simply instantiate a SearchBoost module, open the Settings window and select all the modules/tabs/portals that fall under that specific section.

§  There are DNN installations that serve as hosting for multiple businesses of the same kind. For example, some sites sell hosting to restaurants and offer related functionalities. In this scenario, most likely there's a central portal that is like a directory. How cool would it be to search inside all the restaurants hosted on that server? Or maybe only certain restaurants based on cuisine? SearchBoost can accomplish this.


  • Index modules that are not otherwise searchable 

      ISearchable is the interface required by DotNetNuke in order to be able to index content. There are modules out there that don't implement this interface, so they can't be searched.

SearchBoost fixes this by allowing you to define rules for indexing tables in the database that are behind that module.


  • Index content in custom created tables 

      There are plenty of modules out there that let you create and manage tables (physical or virtual). What if the module doesn't support searching or you need to define custom rules about how the content should be indexed?

This is when SearchBoost comes into play, it allows you to define search rules against the tables using joins and advanced extraction techniques (for example, you can select a column to be sent as a GET parameter when the search result is clicked) 


  • Search in multiple portals from the same DotNetNuke installation 

      You can define search criteria to expand to any number of portals (or tabs and modules from different portals). Note that to maintain security, you can only accomplish this when logged in as Super User.


  • Filter By Portal

      In some cases, there is a main portal and lots of child portals that need to be searched from the main portal. This is when SearchBoost comes into play, you can define search targets across multiple portals and also display a dropdown with portals so users can filter search results to what they're interested in. 

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What's new in 5.26.0

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    • Document Search

      Search Boost can index files (PDFs, WORD Documents, etc). Some formats require IFilter packages to be installed.

    • PDF Search Extension

      Download and install this extension to enable searching PDF files when the PDF IFilter is not installed or not working properly.

    • Search Engine

      Search Boost comes with own search engine that replaces DNN in order to bring more power and scalability to the search solution. The provider is based on the popular Lucene library.

    • Ability to Index External Pages

      Besides indexing existing portal content, Search Boost can crawl a list of web pages and index them into local index.

    • Consume Sitemaps and RSS Feeds

      If Search Boost finds links that are xml sitemaps or RSS feeds, it consumes them to index all web pages they contain.

    • Index Portal Modules

      Search Boost can index portal modules using the ISearchable interface which is how the standard search works.

    • Module Indexing Extensions

      Search Boost provides an interface to specify additional fields not supported by ISearchable interface, such as security per article from same module

    • Custom Search Rules

      SearchBoost allows indexing of any table in the database. Setup is made simple with wizard approach.

    • Incremental Indexing of Custom Rules

      If the Published Date and Is Deleted columns are set, then Search Boost will use them to only index content that was added/updated/deleted since last indexing.

    • Faceted Search

      Search Items such as documents or database content can be linked to categories. Search Boost knows to extract the category list for current result set and allows users to filter down results to the category they're interested in.

    • Restrict Searches

      Search Boost allows restricting searches to individual modules/tabs/portals - easy to setup by selecting items trees.

    • Results Boosting

      Search Boost has options to control how results should be boosted (made more relevant) based on their type, their last modified date and where the terms appear.

    • Make Anything Searchable Through Custom Plugins

      Search Boost provides a simple API to write your own plugins to provide content from other sources not supported by default. This way you get unified search results plus the tons of features that Search Boost provides.

    • Social Sharing Controls

      Search Boost can display social sharing controls (powered by addthis) next to each search result.

    • Search Suggestions

      When search terms don't generate any results, Search Boost checks the terms for similar words and builds a list of suggestions.

    • Portal Filter

      SearchBoost can display a dropdown with all or several of the portals in current installation that users change to better target their searches.

    • Similar Results

      Search Boost can display a link for each search result that when clicked will show results that are similar to the original - this usually means results that have many of the words of the original result.

    • Fuzzy Search

      Search Boost supports Fuzzy Search and allows the similarity index to be configured from administration screen.

    • Autocomplete

      Search Boost can be configured to show suggestions box as users start typing inside the search input box. The suggestions are based on the content already indexed.

    • Wildcard Search

      This function allows searching for beginning of words. It can be set implicitly or explicitly through the use of * character.

    • Exact Phrase

      Search Boost supports Google syntax to find exact phrase by enclosing the words between double quotes. Further more, Search Boost allows the Phrase Slop to be configured which basically determines how close to each other the words have to be in order to generate results.

    • Contextual Highlighting

      Search Boost can be configured to highlight search terms within results. This means that the description will be generated so it includes as many of the search terms as possible. The highlighter can be configured from the template styles.

    • Results Ordering

      By default results are ordered by relevance, but it's possible to also sort them by title or date published.

    • Easy to Use & Fast AJAX Administration Interface

      New IDE editor, SearchBoost Studio, provides an advanced yet simple to use interface to configuring instances and managing custom search rules.

    • Debug Tools

      Search Boost studio provides tools for reindexing content and testing searches directly in the editor.

    • Advanced Logging

      Search Boost uses popular NLog library to log 4 levels of entries both during searching and during indexing.

    • Break Portal Boundaries

      Configure Search Boost instances to target any portal in your DNN installation; this option is available only when logged in as a Super User, so security is enforced as expected.

    • Scalability

      Search Boost has a Document Analyzer that runs as a scheduled tasks and determines which documents are new or have been updated and marks them for indexing. This makes Search Boost a truly scalable search solution.

    • Link Multiple SearchInput Modules to a Single Results Page

      SearchBoost Results module identifies which SearchBoost Input module generated the search, reads its settings and displays results accordingly.

    • Compatible with Search Interface (ISearchable)

      SearchBoost uses the DNN Search interfaces therefore all the features of the search provider are preserved when doing searches through Search Boost instances.

    • Execution Time

      SearchBoost can also display execution time. This is very useful when measuring performances of different search providers, optimize search configuration, etc...

    • Run in Medium Trust

      The only thing not available in Medium Trust is support for document indexers based on IFilters.

    • Fully Customizable UI

      Search Box and Search Results are XSL based templates that allow full control on appearance, defining both structure and appearance through CSS styles. Search Boost comes with 20 pre-built input templates and 2 results templates!

    • Configure List of Stop Words

      This list contains common words that you want ignored by the search engine, such as "and", "or" and so on.

    • Option to Ignore Accents

      Enable this option to have Search Boost return same result set regardless if the search terms contain accent or equivalent Latin characters.

    • Ability to Extend File Indexing

      Configuration of file indexing is decoupled by Search Boost through configuration files that make it possible to easily support new file formats or update existing ones.

    • My Tokens Integration

      If MyTokens is installed, Search Boost will call it to replace tokens in Search Results.

    • Folder Security Integration

      Search Boost can integrate with DNN permission to enforce security when fetching document results.

    • Pre-apply Search to The Results Module

      Configure the results module to initially show results from a search applied to the specified instance.

    • Portable Content

      Search Boost implements IPortable so you can easily deploy content, copy modules or create portals with Search Boost already configured.

    • Install as Module or Skin Object

      You can configure Search Boost Input to run either as a Skin Object declared in site skin or as a module you add to the page just as any other DNN module. HTML Skin Object is also supported.

    • Browser Compatibility

      Search Boost works on all major browsers.

    • XHTML Transitional

      The code generated by SearchBoost is XHTML transitional compliant.

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