All Kinds Of Automated Tasks In DNN

Optimize your DNN portal to save you a lot of time performing mundane time-consuming DNN tasks that would have otherwise been done by you or your team. The more you can set on autopilot the better.

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Why Sharp Scheduler?
Sharp Sheduler is a time-based and application events-based task scheduler module for DNN.

It allows in an easy way to manage, schedule and execute actions such as: run SQL Queries, DNN jobs, executables, PowerShell scripts, Post Data, send emails and execute methods automatically and periodically at specific times/intervals (time triggers, interval triggers, cron triggers) or when an event occurs (on application start/end, at the beginning/end of every request).


  • DotNetNuke 5.5+, DotNetNuke 6, DotNetNuke 7
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/r2 (including msde and express editions)
  • ASP.NET 3.5+
  • IIS 6.0+

Enterprise Focused

Once you choose a Sharp Scheduler license, you have as many DNN installations as you want, at no additional cost.

Extensions Framework

You can extend Sharp Scheduler with new functionality and customize it to your own needs by adding new types of triggers, actions and services (that run triggers).

DNN Schedule Migration

If you have specific tasks added to the DNN schedule, don’t worry, with Sharp Scheduler you’ll be able to migrate them.


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Application Screenshots

Context Impersonate

Execute Method

Import Job from DNN

Job Overview

New Actions

Post Data

Interval Triggers


What's new in 5.0.0

  • The minimum requirements have been increased to DNN 8.0.4 and Evoq 8.5.0. The .NET version has also been increased to 4.5.2 for all our products.
  • Please consider the upgrade of all DNN Sharp products to version 5.0 to avoid any unforeseen conflicts.
  • Added the possibility to sort Jobs alphabetically
  • Implemented the IMAP Trigger via Email Sync Addon
  • Added the Ignore errors option into IMAP Trigger
  • Changed JobType parameter type from Select with DnnSchedule datasource to a simple Text parameter
  • Improved detection of the DNN Scheduler job by sending as parameter the database entry ID instead of the type string
  • Added IgnoredProperties in UpdateUserProfile action to all products
  • Moved the delete button last
  • Added the Report ID field into Reports/History
  • Changed links from admin to point to HTTPS
  • Added actions to manage credentials via Credentials Store
  • Fixed the issue when deleting a database trigger which contains a renamed table doesn't work
  • Fixed the issue for ImportFromDnn with identical TypeFullName and distinct ObjectDependencies
  • Fixed the issue when saving a job with "On Database Update Column" trigger
  • Fixed the ExecuteMethod action
  • Fixed the SendEmail action when sending to all users but not using the To, Cc and Bcc fields
  • Fixed the issue for setting default values to parameters with empty value when editing jobs
  • Fixed the issue for daily trigger
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Can't find the feature you need?
Place a feature request on our forums.

  • Interval Triggers

    These triggers fire under a time interval, starting from a specific date and time

  • Application Events

    These triggers fire once on application start/end, at the beginning/end of every request

  • Database Triggers

    When data is inserted, updated into a database table or deleted this class of triggers can be configured to fire.

  • Cron Triggers

    These triggers use advanced Cron Expression syntax to specify firing-schedules.

  • User Created Trigger

    This trigger fires performing the advanced tasks you've configured when a new user is created.

  • One Time Triggers

    These triggers fire once at specified date and time.

  • Migration of DNN Schedule

    You can import DNN jobs with Sharp Scheduler. Multiple DNN Jobs can be executed at once.

  • Run Executables

    Sharp Scheduler can be configured to run an executable on the server.

  • Send Emails

    This action will send an email to a list of recipients. Optionally attach a list of files.

  • Execute SQL Queries

    When a trigger fires, it executes the specified SQL query, optionally storing the output for use in other actions.

  • Post Data

    Sharp Scheduler integrates with other servers, posting data to given URL.

  • Persistent Job State

    With this option the schedule is saved in database, so it's persistent on application restart.

  • Search Boost Integration

    This feature allows Search Boost to granular index of rules, documents, folders and pages.

  • My Tokens Integration

    If MyTokens is installed, Sharp Scheduler will call it to replace tokens in places such as: SQL Queries, Cron Expression.

  • Extensions Framework

    You can easily extend Sharp Scheduler with new types of triggers, actions and services (that run triggers).

  • Execute Method

    Sharp Scheduler can invoke a method via reflection with parameters.

  • Execute PowerShell Scripts

    Sharp Scheduler can help you run a PowerShell script.

  • Manually Run Jobs

    This option permits the execution of a task manually.

  • Invoke Jobs via API

    This feature allows you to run a job via Web Service.

  • Schedule History

    Sharp Scheduler provides logging capabilities for your schedules

  • Impersonation Context of a Portal and User

    Once this option in enabled Sharp Scheduler will run a job as you were running it on that portal being logged in with that user.

  • Missfire Instructions

    This option determines what should be done if the precise time when the trigger should have been fired was missed.

  • Clone Jobs, Actions, Triggers

    Using this functions makes it fast to create many jobs, actions or triggers that are similar.

  • Delete User Action

    Want to delete a user, including from the database or not? With this action, it's one click away!

  • Grant/Revoke User Role

    Sharp Scheduler allows you to grant/revoke the specified security role for/from a user.

  • Regex Parsing Action

    This feature was implemented once with Sharp Scheduler 1.1 and is very useful to process data received from external sources.

  • AES and RSA Encryption

    This actions let you encrypt/decrypt data with AES and RSA according with a selected algorithm.

  • Server Request Action

    Once with Sharp Scheduler 1.1 this action was extended to allow different HTTP methods and specifying HTTP Headers.

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