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Renewing the subscription is the easiest and most cost-effective way to manage, maintain, and support your long-term investment in DNN Sharp products.

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Stay ahead of the competition with the most up-to-date technology. Get the latest updates and enhancements as they are released to keep your costs low and your tools current.

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Collections subscription

1 Year of Updates and Support

How does the subscription work?

When you purchase a Web Sharp or App Sharp license, you are automatically subscribed to:
  • Free access to all updates for a period of one year from the date of purchase;
  • Free access to technical support (Standard Plan) for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

What does a subscription renewal cost?

  • While your subscription is still running, adding a year to the subscription costs 50% of the initial product price;
  • If your subscription has expired, you can't renew it; you can only buy it again for the full 12-month subscription cost with a 10% discount for being an existing costumer.

When should I renew my subscription?

  • If you want to renew your subscription, you don't have to wait until it ends;
  • When your subscription nears its end, we send you an email to remind you to renew it;
  • It is always advisable to renew before the subscription becomes inactive, otherwise you'll lose the 50% discount;
  • If your subscription expires in December and you buy a renewal early, say in September, the renewal adds twelve months to your subscription from the expiry date.

Does my subscription end?

When your subscription expires, you have 2 options:
  • Renew your subscription for one year or more. Not only will you gain access to technical support via our support forum, but you will also be able to update your modules with the latest versions we release during your active subscription period;
  • Decide not to renew and carry on using our products as usual. Your modules will not stop working once your subscription expires. You are still licensed to use them, but you do not get support, new features, or fixes;
  • If you have a problem that requires a hot fix but do not have a current subscription, you won't be able to benefit from the fix.

What's the difference between a license and a subscription?

  • When you buy App Sharp or Web Sharp you get two things: a license and a subscription;
  • The license entitles you to use the software. The subscription entitles you to software updates and support for a year;
  • The subscription expiry date is stored in the license, so when you renew your subscription, you get a new registration key.

In the past I bought DNN Sharp Collection/Enterprise Collection licenses that are no longer offered. Does DNN Sharp intend to honor the old licenses?

  • Yes. Any licenses that were previously sold will be honored;
  • DNN Sharp Collection was rebranded in Web Sharp and Enterprise Collection was rebranded in App Sharp;
  • With rebranding we also changed the App Sharp and Web Sharp licensing structure in May 2014;
  • If you are using a collection bought before then but with a valid subscription, you'll still receive updates for the remainder of the period. Then, if you wish to renew at the end of your subscription, you'll have to upgrade to one of the current collections, to the most appropriate licensing.

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Individual modules subscription

3 months of Updates and Support

What do you mean by 3-month/1-year subscription?

  • The term subscription refers to our update service. A subscription entitles you to 3 months or 1 year of support and product updates;
  • When the 3 months/1year have passed, you are still licensed to use the module; however, in order to receive further updates you have to renew your subscription.

What's the subscription expiry date?

  • The expiry date is the last day that your subscription is valid;
  • Your module will not stop working once your subscription expires. You are still licensed to use the module.

What does the subscription expiration mean?

  • When you first purchased your module you were given a 3-month/1year subscription to support and to download and use new releases and hotfixes;
  • When your subscription expires, you can still download new releases and hotfixes but they will not work with your license file. An error will tell you what the problem is.

What do I do now?

You have two options:
  • You can either renew your subscription (50% of the initial purchase cost) and you will not only gain access to technical support via our support forum, but you will also be able to update your module with the latest version we release during your active subscription period;
  • Or continue to use the version of the module you have installed. The module will not stop working once your subscription expires. You are still licensed to use them, but you do not get support, new features, or fixes.

Why should I renew the subscription?

  • Our development team constantly improves and expands the abilities of our products. In the ever-changing world of technology it is important to ensure that you have the most up-to-date tools available. Renewing your subscription helps ensure you do just that;
  • As well as working on new features and improvements, our team is on hand to help you with questions you may have in relation to our modules.

How much does a renewal cost?

  • If the 3-month/1year subscription expired and you want to continue to have access to support and the latest and most up-to-date version of the module, the subscription costs 50% of the initial product price, if is made while your agreement is still current and for the same license or bundle type.
  • Without a subscription, you miss out on support and new features and hotfixes.

My subscription is about to expire. Does that mean I will no longer be able to use the module?

  • No. When you buy a license you buy the right to use a module for as long as you wish;
  • A subscription is a separate service that provides you with updates and support. Without a subscription, you miss out on new features and hotfixes, but the product will still run.

I submitted an issue when I still had a valid subscription. By the time the fix came, my subscription had expired. Can I still apply the fix?

  • No. You can only install fixes and updates released before the subscription expiration date;
  • Only having a subscription entitles you to updates; submitting an issue does not. If getting a particular fix is crucial to you, we recommend that you keep your subscription up-to-date;
  • We do our best to provide fixes in a timely manner, but each issue is prioritized and added to a waiting list. We make no promises about turnaround times for standard support.

I submitted an issue last week and my subscription will expire next week. Can you promise to have the fix ready before my subscription expires so that I can be sure to get it without having to extend the subscription?

  • Our support works on a first-come-first-served principle;
  • We cannot promise that your issue will be fixed before your subscription expires. Everyone on our free support gets the same level of attention;
  • Consider taking premium support if you want your issues to get higher priority.

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