Increased minimum requirements to .NET 4.0+
Increased minimum requirements to DNN 6+
Implemented the possibility to work with an ODBC connection
Implemented the ability to specify actions that get executed on error
Implemented the ability to support HTTP codes for output actions
Added "Authorize users " option for User Registration
Added Execute Token action
Added API key and name available as tokens
Added BCC field to Send Email Action
Display full stack trace for errors
Tokenize Server Request Headers Name and Value
Fixed the bug with menu buttons not redirecting to proper section of the module
Fixed the bug when the autocomplete suggestions in a text box didn’t work when using a get method
Fixed region/country name/code/id problem cause by dnn upgrade
Fixed menu links in admin console
Fixed error when field contains underscore
Fixed attach from token in send email action does not work on child portals
Fixed text values are inserted into the UserProfile table instead of EntryID when Update User Profile action is used


Implemented API keys
'Allow Jsonp' parameter and functionality
Compatibility with Azure
Implemented ability to load Entities into context and actions to output entities
Migrated to shared SendEmail action
Integrated with shared Datasource
Added IsDebug flag per method
Added option to require module ID in order to avoid conflicts between modules
Defaulted server request to use UTF8 encoding for get requests
Added [EntityName:Count] token
Refactored the actions interface to use shared actions
Reflect Access-Control-Allow-Origin on errors
Fixed import/export
Fixed compatibility with standard tokens
Fixed logging
Fix getting current user in API when using URL Adapter
Fixed license file name which was conflicting with other modules


Initial version


If you're an existing DNN API Endpoint user, you need to go to My Account > My Downloads to get the latest build!