Upgrade Policy

Upgrade to a higher tier license for one low price!

Customers can upgrade all our products to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license for just the price difference in qualifying purchases made within the past 3 months. *

For example:

You buy a Search Boost standard license
Later, you decide you want a Search Boost enterprise license
You can upgrade to the enterprise license for the price difference in the original purchase

Important things to remember

Purchases eligible for upgrades for the price difference in the original purchase must have been made within the past 3 months
This upgrade policy cannot be combined with any other offer or discount
We reserve the right to change this policy at any given time

Were your purchases made more than 3 months ago?

Don’t worry, we still have a special offer for you :)

Are you an existing DNN Sharp customer and want to upgrade to get everything we offer for one low price?

Good for you! Choose Web Sharp or App Sharp and you'll save 50% from what you've already paid for up to 50% the cost of Collections. Just email us at sales@dnnsharp.com

How to get the upgrade?

To upgrade, just email us at sales@dnnsharp.com with your actual registration code. We’ll contact you with a custom coupon code towards your upgrade purchase!