Really Modern Looking DNN Tabs

Tabs Pro comes with clean and responsive themes that will also play nicely with CDNs. Fast and simple to configure!

This module is no longer offered as a standalone product. It can only be purchased as part of our Plant an App platform.

Look & Feel Configurable at Granular Level

You have total control over the layout and appearance: predefined themes, custom theming options, regular tabs or accordions, various transition effects, from normal tabbed view in the current page to within popups.

Simple Administration & Integration

Manage every aspect of the frontend from the administrative backend. As simple as drag & drop.

Straightforward Implementation & Usage

Works out of the box with minimal configuration and grants you full liberty in creating content on pages. You can even setup multiple modules on one tab.

Use Existing Page Modules

Tabs Pro creates tabs from existing modules on current page. This means any module - HTML, links, forums, FAQs, galleries, etc. - can be included in tabs.

Tabs Position

Tabs Pro let's you choose either the tabs should be displayed on top, bottom, left or on the right side of content.

Multiple Modules on a Tab

With Tabs Pro you can include as many modules as you need in one tab.

Tab Localization

Tabs Pro supports localization for Tab Names. Note that since Tabs Pro includes the existing modules from the page, localization of those modules depends on whether they support it.

Stack Modules in Accordion

Optionally, when you have more that one module displayed in same tab, you can configure the tab to show them inside Accordion control so to optimize space and navigation

Accordion Layout

Tabs Pro can be configured that instead tabs it displays an accordion control. This is better when for example you have limited width.

Popup/Dialog Layout

Another powerful feature is to encapsulate the tabs inside a popup window. So when an action occurs (such as clicking a link) the dialog opens revealing the tabs.

Tab with Custom URL

Tabs Pro allows specifying an URL for a tab so when it's clicked on the front-end it redirect the browser to that page instead of expanding to show some modules.

Easy Administration

Tabs Pro manage screen features tabbed interface where each tab represents a tab on the front end and contains the settings that affect it appearance and behavior.

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  • This module is no longer offered as a standalone product. It can only be purchased as part of Plant an App / App Builder
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Tabs Pro blends into your existing configuration, integrates other modules and fits within your information architecture, offering you total control over the type of information that can be presented into a tab, granular setup on look & feel and easy administration & module management.