Premium support plans have been retreated.

They are only available with App Builder or Plant an App subscriptions.

Please note that all licenses come with standard support

All customers are diferent and so are their support needs. Maybe you want a guaranteed faster response time; or, maybe you prefer to talk to us over the phone about your question or problem.

Perhaps you run a global business, and need to be sure you can get help in an emergency for your application.

If that sounds like you, we offer our Premium Support services. Premium Support customers move to the front of the line, ahead of customers who are getting our free “reasonable effort” support.

Faster response times, with response time guarantees, on every interaction you have with us
After-hours emergency support
Flexible Plans – Choose from a quick, “Emergency Fix”, a troubleshooting session, or a long-term support agreement lasting for months
Hands-on training and knowledge transfer to help you increase your expertise and maximize your investment in our modules

I have been a happy and committed client of DNNSharp for many years. Although their support has always been outstanding, there were times when I need a bug fixed, or some help with a particular issue, and the forums were just not quick enough. I was resistant to the priority support as, like many of us in the DNN community, I wanted Rolls-Royce service for free.

A few month ago, I hit a wall with my development and was forced to purchase some priority support. It was at this time that I discovered the real value of this service. Bogdan dropped everything and attended to my issue personally and quickly. The first bug I reported required 5 minutes to fix but saved me several hours of frustration. Since then I make use of priority support whenever I have a problem I am unable to solve. Sometimes it is a quick fix, and sometimes the problem requires more time and effort. In all cases, I feel that I am getting excellent value for money. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

Try it, you will be impressed!

"Richard Sletcher -"